Airdate: Wedding Band

Comedy series Wedding Band begins on TEN next week, starring Brian Austin Green (Tommy), Harold Perrineau (Stevie), Peter Cambor (Eddie), Derek Miller (Barry), Melora Hardin (Roxie Rutherford), Jenny Wade (Rachel) and Kathryn Fiore (Ingrid).

The series follows a group of guys who try to escape the stress and strains of their everyday lives by performing in a wedding band. It premiered in the US on cable channel TBS earlier this month.

Anchored by lifelong best friends – Tommy, a perennial bachelor, and Eddie, a married father of two – the guys are weekend rock stars. The groupies are bridesmaids, the drinks are free and the dream is still alive. The band will stop at nothing to make every wedding, birthday or bar mitzvah a concert to remember.

In episode one Tommy finds himself playing at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Will this undesirable encounter strike a chord with the bachelor or leave him completely strung out?

7.30pm Wednesday December 5


  1. Will definitely be giving this a go. I love anything by TBS so it’ll be great to finally see some of their content in primetime (with the only other TBS series airing in Australia being Glory Daze which aired late night on GO!). I recently asked Comedy whether they would be getting TBS’ Tyler Perry (House of Payne & Meet The Browns) comedies to which they said they were “on their radar”. Would be good to see Men At Work and Are We There Yet? also shown in Australia.

  2. Will watch for sure.Whoever invented this and made the If Men arranged Weddings should be commended.If only they made this show around the same time Don’t tell the Bride was on 10 then it would have been the ultimate.25 Grand on a Wedding to spend including a Band who wouldn’t like the sound of that.

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