Anne Charleston guests in Wentworth

Anne Charleston has her first role in Australian TV since departing our screens as beloved Madge Bishop in 2001.

Charleston has a guest appearance in Foxtel’s upcoming Wentworth, but not necessarily “on the inside.”

Across the last ten years she has been performing in the UK in Dossa and Joe, Crossroads, Emmerdale Farm and Holby City and an appearance in the UK’s Celebrity MasterChef.

She appeared three times in Prisoner, most notably as Deidre Kean, which presumably makes her the first “blast from the past” to show up in the reimagining.

Wentworth airs next year on SoHo.


  1. bettestreep2008

    Well if Anne can get a role in ‘Wentworth’, then I’m guessing Val Lehman and a few other former Prisoner actresses will get offers too.

    Here’s hoping Betty Bobbitt and Elspeth Ballantyne get parts.

  2. @ aussie – I remember the storyline the baby turned out to be judys grandchild her daughter lori dumped him there because she had post natal depression and couldnt look after him but i dont remember Anne as the policewoman (I have every episode on DVD might have to go back and have a look at that one)

  3. Did she appear in Prisoner as 3 different characters ?
    I remember her playing the mother, daughter or sister of one of the prisoners. And she was a real b**tch to them when they were released from jail. Possibly Lizzie’s daughter ?

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