Blair McDonough exits with a bang

Blair McDonough fell victim to a soapie death last night on the season finale of Winners and Losers, exiting the series with a bang.

McDonough’s character Matt went up in flames when gas cylinders accidentally exploded in the back of his ute, right before the eyes of his wife Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith) and new born baby. Yikes.

The finale, which Seven had even kept from the eyes of prying media, teased viewers with a number of potential victims hinting at road accidents and a crazed gunman. There were so many red herrings it was seemingly inspired by Who Shot Jr?

But in the end it was McDonough’s character that snuffed it.

Last night on Twitter Script Producer Dan Bennett tweeted: “#winnersandlosers has NEVER trended higher than it has tonight. On behalf of everyone, we could not thank you more for your support!!!

“After the most unspeakably horrendous week of my life, it’s nice to know the #winnersandlosers finale was received so well. Surprise…!! ;)”

The show was trending on Twitter with various reactions:

– Omg Matt died and he didn’t tell her the truth :'( #winnersandlosers

– um you cant just end like that #winnersandlosers

– So the moral of the story is don’t cheat on your wife cause you can die like Matt on #WinnersAndLosers lmao..

– Wow the way it ended better than I imagined I mean that’s what you call a season finale #winnersandlosers

– Totally guessed it was Matt who dies on #winnersandlosers but wow that ending was so well done. The suspense was awesome!!

– Ive spent the past hr balling my eyes out thnx to @DanMBennett & the rest of the team at #winnersandlosers (congrats tho on an amazing ep!)

– Waiting for #winnersandlosers season 3 is going to kill me… one of the best episodes yet!


  1. I have to admit, when I saw the headline I thought damn, now I know! As I don’t have a DVR and had missed the last few episodes I was waiting to get the DVD. But, I totally know that by going on a TV site I run the risk, hell, I know by logging onto FB I’ll probably find out news I sometimes don’t want to know, it’s up to me to do a blackout if it’s something really important to me. Once something has been aired, all bets are off!

  2. Unbelievable rant by KISSMAD. why would you logon to a TV site with current news and complain about spoilers of aired episodes? As a timeshift viewer It’s your responsibility to avoid spoilers.

  3. I mentioned this on the “Tonight’s Viewing” page yesterday, but I managed to see the episode before it had ever aired, thanks to JB HiFi selling the Season 2 DVD a day early…! I’d say it’s the first time that a season finale for an Australian series has been “spoiled” by an official DVD release! It’s bizarre that Seven would ban the media from previewing the episode, yet allow the DVDs to be shipped to the store before the episode has even aired. Anyway, it was a great finale!

  4. Yeah you can’t blame David for visiting a TV news site after something airs that you don’t want to be spoiled for. Once aired it’s news and site/forums are going to be talking about it.

    You’re not going to blame the TV news if you see the sports results before you had a chance to watch the grand final?

  5. I totally agree with Shire_Guy’s comment David. You are far too polite. Why on earth would someone come to this site and not expect to find up to date information like this. Even if this person isn’t a regular to this site, and googled winners and losers and stumbled across this site, why would u search if u didn’t want to know the outcome?
    I find out all my TV goss on this site and visit it daily. If it’s not on here then it’s not worth knowing. For someone to complain that they’d come to a website such as this and found out some “TV News” I find the most stupid comment I have read all year.
    Please don’t change a thing you are doing on the site David…

  6. You’re far too polite, David, lol. “Sod off” tends to encapsulate my thoughts, lol. Your rule is well known to all regular visitors.

    And if you’re a newbie that happens to stumble across the site, then the question has to be asked what are you doing looking at media?! As many others have noted, a self imposed black out is the way to go.

    Ah, common sense should be renamed for it is anything but these days…

    Keep up the great work, “news” and “spoilers” alike!

  7. I was convinced it was Sophie that was going to die. I was sure the 4 girls were returning but there were scenes during the show that made me think it was Sophie.

    Then I thought maybe Doug. The whole episode was great including the secret daughter and I like it how they showed these accidents but in the end it was a completely different one that killed Matt.

    I was shocked when the car exploded. I wonder if Blair chose to leave the show.

    Great episode and cant wait for season 3.

  8. I recorded W&L, didn’t look at TV Tonight until after I’d watched (as I do with any other programs I don’t want to know the ending/winner) and then jumped on to view David’s comments.

    Its not that hard people!!

    As David says – if its unaired then its a spolier, if it’s aired, its news.

    Not everyone records shows so it’s unfair for a tv news blog to wait a week incase people are too busy to watch a recording.

    It’s only TV people! Sheesh!

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