Can of Worms: Nov 5

Tonight on Can of Worms, Chrissie Swan is joined by Todd McKenney, Denise Scott and Tom Elliott.

Only 36 per cent of Aussies seem to think so, according to the Roy Morgan research poll, so do the other 64 per cent of the nation have to learn to just suck it up?

Is it OK to give a child a Golliwog? And which of the three guests confesses to having their own collection? Is it OK to laugh when you see people fall over? Is it ever OK for kids to see their parents naked?

If an item is left off the bill, is it OK to leave without paying for it? Would you ever tell your friend they could do better than the person they’re in a relationship with?

If you find it hard to navigate your way through this moral minefield, see how our guests’ opinions fly.

And finally, it’s an issue that has divided a nation and one that is sure to get Australia talking;
Is a mum and a dad better than having same sex parents?

8:30pm Monday on TEN.

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