Clarke and Dawe to stay with ABC, but….

“The ABC does not intend to ‘scrap’ Clarke and Dawe," says ABC. But will they stay with 7:30?

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe will be staying with the ABC but will they still be regulars on 7:30?

ABC has said that Crikey’s story last week referring to The Chaser’s Chas Licciardello being approached to replace the satirical duo was incorrect.

“The ABC does not intend to ‘scrap’ Clarke and Dawe,” a spokesperson told TV Tonight.

However the wording doesn’t specifically confirm whether they will remain on 7:30. Switching to another show, such as Insiders or another programme, could still be feasible.

Or are we reading too much into this one…..?

Licciardello has also denied he is joining 7:30.

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