Contestant collapses during The Block: All-Stars

Mark Bowyer, one of the “Two Fat Tradies” in The Block: All- Stars, collapsed during filming of the Nine Reality series, requiring host Scott Cam and his teammate’s wife, Jenny Miller, to step in.

Teammate Duncan Miller has continued with assisted renovations after Miller was taken to Prince Of Wales hospital.

Block All-Star (contestant) Mark Bowyer (pictured, left), who was conducting an interview early on Monday morning, complained of dizziness and feeling “not quite right”,” a spokesman for Nine told Fairfax.

Foreman Keith, trained in first aid, attended and called an ambulance.

“Minutes later he was taken to hospital where they performed a series of tests. He was released that afternoon with orders to rest.”

Filming of  the tenth anniversary season began on October 12th in Bondi with Bowyer leaving 45 days into the shoot.

Nine is waiting to see if the doctors give Bowyer the all clear.

Bowyer and Miller came third in The Block in 2010, selling their unit for $907,000.


  1. Thanks, Timmy. Still doesn’t make them actual stars in my book but I guess “The Block: Popular Returnees” doesn’t have the same zip.

    I hope you get out of the well soon.

  2. @SS – Nine allowed people to vote on their website which previous contestants they wanted on the show. Although I’m not sure who would have voted for these guys.

  3. I watched the series these two were in and while they didn’t win they are definitely popular and likeable. I can understand their inclusion. Casting them may get me back watching. I didn’t bother with the 2012 season. IMO it’s good casting.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t get it. I thought that an “All-stars” version of a show was a collection of past winners of that show. How does coming third make you a star? Mind you, you only have to sit around in a fake house for a few weeks to become a celebrity, and appear on a talent show to be described as a “legend”, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Hyperbole is the norm in TV land.

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