Diane Sawyer hammers US Election Night

I used to always think Tom Brokaw sounded drunk on air, so I didn’t take much notice of Diane Sawyer’s gushing presentation style while channel surfing through the US Election coverage on Tuesday.

But the Twitterverse lit up with comments.

“Diane Sawyer is declaring the winner to be chardonnay!” tweeted one viewer.

“Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: Drunk Diane Sawyer is hilarious,” tweeted another.

A source said she wasn’t smashed, just tired, and that she “spent a lot of time preparing and not enough time sleeping.”

Sawyer laughed it off yesterday, making it clear she would not seriously address what happened.

“Read your tweets the good, bad, and the funny. See you on @ABCWorldNews,” her tweet read.


Source: NY Post


  1. I livestreamed ABC while watching 7Two for when they crossed to NBC and I thought she did seem a tad too enthusiastic to say the least. I was impressed with the ABC studio, NBC goes all out decorating Rockefeller Plaza for the election but then does nothing with it on air.

  2. She (and George) did a magnificent job over on ABC (via Sky News and Nine)!
    I usually stick to NBC and BriWi (Brian Williams) for my American News (live streamed some of NBC’s coverage, and record NBC Today every day), but the ABC did a better job on this occasion. Great set by the way.
    I am now taping ABC World News every day via Sky, but I’m not taping Good Morning America, haha, I will stick to Today on NBC (even though I miss Meredith Vieira).

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