Door opens again for Ray Martin at 60 Minutes

Ray Martin will file more stories for 60 Minutes next year, in a part-time capacity.

Martin, who was one of the show’s original intrepid reporters, has been welcomed back by new producer Tom Malone (Today).

His inclusion will add gravitas to the show in the same way that veteran presenter Mike Willesee has for Seven’s Sunday Night.

The Daily Telegraph reports the show will be able to utilise him more after the exit of Liam Bartlett and consulting producer John Westacott.

Martin, who in recent times has been popping up in cameos on The Hamster Wheel, has continued to file occasional stories for Nine.


  1. @steveany 2.0 – I was going to say that you could also fit the camera and audio guys/gals in with Ray in the boot of a P76, but they’d be in danger of falling thru the rusty bottom.

  2. If I’m correct he left 60 minutes to do midday left midday to do 60 minutes left 60 minutes for aca left aca for 60 minutes left 60 minutes for aca then left again to return to 60 minutes. then he tried to get aca back, failed and retired, then began doing stories again for 60 minutes. then went all quiet now he is coming back to do more on 60 minutes?

    Oh and there was of course the short lived Ray Martin Show…

  3. @Secret Squirrel – much as I would enjoy beating you with a stick, (gopher style) I think you may be onto something good here – a series of 60 Minutes “Car Boot Specials” with Ray bursting out of the trunk of a Leyland P76 to put the hard word on dodgy refridgerator mechanics and such.
    And apropos to your apropos, yes, it’s a crying shame that Ray is returning for yet another outing while genuinely class acts like Jana remain in mothballs. Waste of a great talent, innit?

  4. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t want to be beaten with a stick but I’m in the ‘don’t care’ category. However, if Mr Martin were to report his stories on location from the boot of a car, I think we could all find something to like about it.

    Apropos another article on this site – give me Jana any day (or night).

  5. @jezlee22 – I was going to moan about having to endure “Mr Australia” clogging up the idiot box again, but now I’m prepare to suffer him soley for the pleasure it will give you Jez!
    I hope he’s as much fun as you remember him to be!

  6. Yes! I’m not gonna lie. Some of my earliest memories as a child where lying in front of the tv watching Ray Martin on The Midday Show and I’m pretty sure that he was my first crush from the age of 3. I cried for weeks when Kerri-Anne took over. I remember when Ray first joined A Current Affair. My parents were concerned that I became giddy every time there was an in studio audience discussion where Ray could show how amazing he was at everything. Seeing him climb out of a car boot on The Hamster Wheel made me squeal with delight…he’s ageing so well!
    I’ll watch Ray do anything so it”s about time we saw him back on our screens even if only on a part time basis.
    I love you Ray Martin and I want the world to know! I know there are a lot of grannies out there who would claim to be your biggest fan but I would beat them all down with a stick for you 🙂

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