‘Fitzroy Fireballs’ win Randling trophy

The Fitzroy Fireballs aka Anthony Morgan and Dave O'Neil have been crowned Randling champs.

The Fitzroy Fireballs aka Anthony Morgan and Dave O’Neil have been crowned Randling champs last night on ABC1 all thanks to some spuds.

It was the final question, a puzzler on the different names of potatoes, that gave the pair the point needed to defeat The Ducks of War aka Felicity Ward and Heath Franklin.

It was the season finale for the Andrew Denton panel show, which had knocked out 8 other teams along the way in word-based heats.

The series has struggled on ABC1 so it’s not yet known whether the show will return in 2013.

Or indeed what the two boys will do with their trophy… but they were thinking of celebrating with some chips.


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  1. I quite enjoyed this show, but it went for way to long. Commissioning 26 episodes was luncay, which is odd as Andrew Denton is usually all about the “less is more” approach to his TV projects.

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