‘Foxtel Go’ iPad app launches

Foxtel launches its new iPad app Foxtel Go today wtih 21 live streaming channels plus select Catch-Up titles.

The free app is available to Foxtel residential customers allowing them to watch content on the move, and follows on from the success with the Olympics app.

The Foxtel Go live channels available now include:
The LifeStyle Channel,
SKY News,
National Geographic Channel,
Discovery Channel,
Cartoon Network,
Channel [V],
SPORTS PLAY Powered by FOX SPORTS (includes live Rugby Union, Cricket, A-League and Tennis),
FOX SPORTS PLUS 1, 2, 3 and 4 which are four English Premier League specially programmed channels

Catch up titles include
The Walking Dead (FX),
Magic City (SoHo),
Territory Cops (CI Network),
The Only Way is Essex (LifeStyle YOU),
Project Runway Australia (Arena),
Grand Designs Australia (The LifeStyle Channel),
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (The Comedy Channel),
Haven (13th Street),
Duck Dynasty (A&E),
MegaTruckers (A&E),
Gossip Girl (FOX8),
Vampire Diaries (FOX8),
Wicked Tuna (National Geographic Channel),
Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel),
Copper (FX),
Married to Jonas (E!),
The Amazing World of Gumball (Cartoon Network),
Gravity Falls (Disney),
Harry Connick Jnr. Live on Broadway (Studio)
Spooks (UKTV).

Foxtel Go launches initially on iPads with other tablets and other channels to follow next year, with 2 iPads able to view content at the same time from one account. The app also offers the Remote Record facility, linked to a customer’s iQ. Channels that are not part of a customer’s subscription will not be accessible.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO said, “The TV landscape has changed, viewers are not just watching TV in the living room they’re watching TV on the way to work, at the beach or in another room of the house. Foxtel Go is the biggest thing we’ve launched since digital and iQ, it lets customers take their entertainment with them on the go, and as the App is included with a customer’s subscription, it’s a fantastic value proposition. We’re really excited and we think our customers will love this new way to watch Foxtel.”

Brian Walsh, Director of Television, told TV Tonight, “I think it will be a game-changer for Foxtel in the same way that the iQ was a game-changer for us.

“Foxtel GO will absolutely revolutionise the way people interact with the Foxtel product.

“What we’re offering is a value-add for existing customers who can take their Foxtel with them. It’s all about mobilising the Foxtel product and ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological developments.

“The picture quality is extraordinary and it’s something that will absolutely move the needle in the case of subscriptions.”

The Pay TV provider is confident that customers will embrace the produce in the same way as they did the dedicated Olympics app.

“We never expected the Olympics app to be as popular as it was. It was an alarm bell for us and we moved heaven and earth to get the product up and running as quickly as we could,” says Walsh.

“Initially it will launch on the iPad and to other tablets for our hard launch in February, March next year.”

Digital rights is an complicated issue and Walsh says more content will be added later. Key sports events such as NRL and AFL are not yet included.

“We won’t be launching with Sport initially, it will be music, entertainment, lifestyle, documentary that we will roll out.

“There are complications and challenges in terms of rights and we have to work our way through those. As we gradually work through those we’ll bring more online. It’s simply a logistics issue to turn this around and clear rights across a number of channels.”

Foxtel Go is now available in the iTunes store.


*Foxtel Go is only available on iPads with iOS 5 and higher. A Foxtel residential cable or satellite subscription with a STU and a Foxtel online account linked to a subscription account are required. Customers will see channels and content from the channels they subscribe to only. Two iPad devices can be running Foxtel Go at the same time linked to the one account. The Foxtel Go App includes Remote Record directly to the iQ or MyStar. Foxtel Go will be available over 3G/4G networks as well as WiFi. Recommended Internet speeds apply. Internet connection required. ISP and data charges may apply. Video quality may vary according to 3G/4G and WiFi service. Not available to Optus TV featuring Foxtel, Foxtel on Xbox 360, Foxtel on Internet TV or Foxtel on T-Box customers. Only available for use in Australia.



  1. @ cnrmlj – Be worth asking the question still, though. In the T & Cs they say data and ISP charges may apply.

    That said, the ESPN3 content I believe is charged by BigPond/Telstra.

  2. I just downloaded the App and Love it… I can really see myself using this especially when the wife wants to watch Real Housewives of wherever, I can go watch a doco… no more fights over the remote, and I can watch mine in bed!!

  3. This will be great to be able to take foxtel with you when you go on holiday. Presume it will only work in australia? To watch a 1hr show via live streaming how much data does it chew up?

  4. Have now downloaded and answered my own question – there is no free usage on any ISP according to the FAQ.

    Has potential but not something i could see myself using regularly, especially as it cuts into usage and the catchup files aren’t optimised – 726MB for a 47 minute episode of Rove Live – seriously. They really need to sort out the NRL rights issues and get better sport content on it.

    I am assuming a big reason for not alot of channels at the start is also the ability to keep adding new features every few months for ongoing promotional opportunities rather than releasing everything at the start and then having nothing to talk about for 6 months or more until something else is new.

  5. To be really innovative they need to offer this product standalone to people who are not already satellite/cable subscribers. That will help increase subscribers and revenue.

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