Hamish & Andy drive Nine to win Sunday

Ratings: Pipped by Sunday Night but Hamish & Andy ruled the demos and helped Nine to win the night.

They may have been pipped at the post by Sunday Night but Hamish & Andy ruled the demos and helped Nine to win Sunday in what proved to be a two-horse race.

Nine Network was 31.1% then Seven 30.1%, TEN 17.3%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 5.0%.

Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Aus v NZ again led Nine’s Sunday line-up with 1.22m viewers followed by 60 Minutes (1.18m), Nine News (979,000), and the movie: Salt (706,000).

Sunday Night topped the night with 1.23m viewers. Seven’s other performers were Seven News (1.21m), Border Security (1.04m), Air Ways (1.02m), Bones (797,000 / 491,000). V8 Supercars was 467,000 / 336,000.

A repeat of Modern Family (789,000) again eclipsed the new episode (725,000) for TEN. Homeland was 638,000, Merlin was 524,000, TEN News was 465,000, The Project was 301,000 and Vegas was 224,000.

Michael Palin’s Brazil (895,000) led ABC1 followed by ABC News (865,000), Wallender (685,000), Compass (280,000). Auction Room was 173,000.

On SBS ONE it was Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (240,000), Death Row (209,000), Quest for the Lost Maya (200,000) and World News Australia (184,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country led multichannels with 297,000.

Insiders: 177,000 / 79,000 / 39,000
The Bolt Report: 131,000 / 139,000

Sunday 18 November 2012

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  1. Disappointing “Homeland’ ratings again. I seem to sense a certain consensus from people I have spoken with as well as a lot of TV reviewers that the second series has turned into something very different and a lot less satisfying than season one.By exposing Brody the writers have created a situation they seem to be having difficiult dealing with and the series is slowly from a poltical manifesto to just another night time poltical thriller. It is no longer brave and original and compelling TV (like a Breakiung Bad oir Mad men) and is feeling more and more like “24”or the like. Predictable and totally unbelievable.

  2. @ Dayman. Agree with Bolt making outlandish comments (although @ the time Turnbull was viewed as been too close ideologically to Rudd and didn’t offer a real alternative which Abbott did) but its my opinion that until you hear both sides of the argument, you cant make a truly informed decision

  3. @Andy G: My point is there aren’t many jokes at Hamish and Andy. It’s pretend comedy. It’s the pretense funny things are being said and happening. When just things are being said and happening. With Bolt and the Insiders, that’s a bit of that false right, left wing comparison. There’s the old saying that reality has a well known left wing bias. People like Bolt have no interest in facts or being fair and claim everyone who does against them is wrong. Elevating opinion to the level of fact. While you do get a mixture of people left or right leaning, there’s often a fundamental false equivalency that goes on.

    Probably the best clear example I can think of would be with climate change. It is not left wing to accept the science or talk about it as real. That’s just fact and reality. People like Bolt would claim it’s left wing bias and state their opinion as also fact. When it’s not. You can’t compare the two. It’s just a false equivalency. People that generally talk about Bolt being right but point to the ABC as being left is often on these type issues. Where they aren’t comparable.

    I dunno, i watch Bolt sometimes and am dumb founded. After the US election he was some how arguing that it proved Malcolm Turnbull wouldn’t be a successful liberal leader because he’s a moderate like Mitt Romney. You need a true conservative like Abbot and Romney would have won if he wasn’t so moderate. Which simply goes against everything else I have read or seen about how Romney lost. He lost for being too conservative and aligning himself with fundamentalists. I dunno, I watch this stuff and it’s like, “try and have some credibility.” Don’t just talk ****.

  4. @ Jas.. Just as Michael Costa, Kristina Keneally and Belinda Neale (all regular Bolt Report guests) are all pretty Left Wing. Either way, with 3 panellists on insiders plus Cassidy (Former Hawke Chief of Staff) its at best a 3-1 bias (and sometimes a 4-0 Bias depending on the week) just as 2 panellists and Bolt it’s a 2-1 bias. I preface this by saying I generally watch both programs, and while Bolt is more up front in making his stance known, there is definitely a bias on both shows.

  5. @ Dayman… The Bolt Report is Right just as Insiders is Left. @ least every week Bolt has the token left panellist on (which cant be said for insiders each week since Bolt left) . Pretending one isnt biased just because it suits your point of view is naive. As for H&A they hit the “Light Entertainment” which has thrived on a Sunday Night for eons. While it might not be overly clever however it is open and accepting and doesn’t pretend it’s the smartest person in the room. There is a lot to say for “Light Entertainment” that isn’t preachy and the whole Family gets the joke

  6. Also I don’t get who watches Hamish & Andy. It’s the epitome of non existent and pretend ‘Australian Comedy.’ Which is ever more pervasive. It’s all, “Act as if you’re saying something funny and people will think you are!”

    Their style of humor seems to be, act and speak as if you’re about to say something funny. Then just say anything, doesn’t have to be clever, funny, witty, just something. While the other reacts as if something funny is being said. Then the audience laughs as a pavlovian response to the suggest a joke has been told.

  7. People slam the Bolt Report more for the content than if it’s rating or not. It’s pure and simply a propaganda mouth piece and Andrew Bolt has zero credibility with anyone concerned about reality.

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