Melissa George apologises (and mmmm, how about them Surry Hills croissants?)

Melissa George has retreated from her staunch position of seven days ago when everything was looking much sweeter in Paris and New York and anywhere but Sydney.

“The events of the week have upset me and I want to apologise to any of my fans who were offended about my comments about Australia last weekend,” George told the Sun-Herald yesterday.

“It was never my intention. I’m really proud of my Australian roots and I will continue to come home often to see my family and to work here.”

Good to hear.

George also said, “I’m also proud of my early work in Australia and am always happy for people to refer to Home and Away, but what I really want to be able to talk to my fans about is the work I’m doing now,” George said.

News flash: The Morning Show segment spent way more time on Hunted and McHappy Day than the glimpse of Home and Away.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had a wonderful career over the past 20 years here and overseas, including working on the series Hunted which HBO confirmed will continue.”

And just in case you are feeling peckish, “In fact my favourite croissants in the world are at the Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills.”

Hunted begins 8:30 Saturday on SBS ONE (BYO croissants and humble pie).


  1. I think everyone is missing the point completely.
    How can we believe anything said by a person who finds “Surry Hills croissants” (forsooth!) superior to those anywhere else in the world? Look at her decidedly yummy figure – I submit she has not sampled anything like enough of those buttery delicacies to make such a bold statement. Here endeth the lesson.

  2. @Ted I think you should have a look/re-visit Melissa’s appearance on The Morning Show as this is exactly how it went to air:

    Good to hear her apologise (of sorts).

  3. We are going have agree to disagree then David, Channel 7 did not show her latest critically acclaimed work (The Slap) instead they chose garbage from almost 20 years ago that promotes themselves.

    Melissa has been in almost constant work overseas with an impressive filmography that most actors would be proud to have. Did Channel 7 show any of that? No they stuck with self promotion.

    Just because the local market has not seen it all does not excuse the hive mind bashing she is receiving.

  4. Well I hope she doesnt read either this weeks womans day or new idea. One of them on the cover has a story about her and dieter brummer and how they didnt get along. But that wasnt a secret. Thats old news.

  5. bettestreep2008

    Plenty of actors refuse to discuss their former work and have had successful careers.

    Eve Plumb of The Brady Bunch and Susan Dey of The Partridge Family are two names that come to mind.

  6. Well based on here response i would say she knew about hunted being axed and was not in a good mood, but when announced it was being kept she now seems okay.

    • Ryan: Hate to be debunking theories, but also not true. I interviewed Hunted producer last week at SPAA, before it was axed, and he hadn’t heard until the next day when BBC moved on it (Interview to come). TMS was the week before.

  7. If I remember rightly there was an episode of Bondi Rescue where an ex H&A actor was set up by his work mates with a British tourist who kept on at him for being in H&A. Was a funny set up. Oh how we all laughed afterwards.

  8. I’m sorry but she called 7 out on trying to make her publicity tour all about them.

    She was here to promote a series and all 7 could do was try to piggyback on her success by cross promoting H&A. You have to remember she came out of a time when H&A was a poor second cousin to Neighbors and hardly anyone had a career after H&A.

    Remember it was 7 who leaked the story to give them both publicity for their show and to discredit another networks show.

    • Ted: That’s entirely incorrect, and I have previously reported events having spoken with Sarah Stinson, TMS producer. MG was here filming a movie, agreed to do a spot on TMS to promote McHappy Day. Before the segment she was unhappy with “coming up next footage” that included H&A. Was going to walk but did the interview without incident. Footage ran of H&A, Hunted, McHappy Day etc but H&A was never mentioned. She later tweeted she was unhappy. Sun-Herald followed up with an interview and her comments went further. If not for the tweets it could have all remained entirely in-house.

  9. Went to Warwick high with Mel and can still remember clearly on a visit to the school after being on a few episodes of HaA her saying back, back please to the “overwhelming” crowd wanting to meet this person who is now on TV, lol. love ya Mel..

  10. Obviously some damage control was necessary when every media outlet is perpetuating the story and even Woman’s Day digs up a 20 year old feud with her Home & Away co-star as a cover story this week. At least Bourke Street Bakery got a free plug.

  11. This definitely doesn’t change my mind about my Melissa- was a fan but not a fan anymore, you can’t take back those comments that she made about the Aussie Media etc & I really don’t think her apology was authentic and it’s too late..think we got to see the true side of her.

  12. Dieter Brummer looks to be extending his current 15 minutes of fame on the back of this ‘outrage’. Just saw a headline on Twitter that he begged to be written out of Home And Away because of Melissa George. I haven’t read the article but it’s at so I’m sure it’s all legit… *g*

  13. Not sure if I hear Melissa talking or her publicist. Regardless, some damage control was obviously necessary.

    But fair enough. We’ve all been idiots in the past and regretted our actions. Everyone deserves second chances.

    Perhaps she’s learned a valuable life lesson about not forgetting your roots or your fans and knowing when you can drop your guard and when you can’t.

    The key to seeing if this is genuine will be following up the words with actions.

    Hopefully Australia will see more of a genuine and sincerely appreciative Melissa George in future.

  14. Christ, do you think we can leave the poor girl alone now?

    She clearly had a shitty day, said some stupid things which she probably regretted the second they escaped her lips but she hasn’t murdered anyone or committed a terrorist act against the country – some perspective please.

    The pack mentality attacks on her have been embarrassing and I suspect more of a reflection of our ongoing insecurity issues we seem to have as a country.

    What should be more of concern to us all is the incredible shit line up of television an actor the calibre of Melissa George has to appear on when they’re visiting home.

  15. Now the show is with HBO and not a co-pro do SBS still get the rights to series two or is it now tied up with Foxtels deal? Whatever you feel about Melissa just remember she is only one actor in a great ensemble piece. Will give it a go.

  16. harrypotter1994

    Next time she should just do interviews on Nine and Ten based shows, Im sure they dont want to promote H&A at all not even a tiny reference like 7 did..

  17. Now that her series has been cancelled she’s turning on the charm. Everything I’ve heard about her has been confirmed in the last week. I doubt she’ll work here again.

  18. If you don’t see or hear it coming out of their mouths, never believe a celebrity apology. It was written by their agent or team of spin doctors and emailed to the media. Don’t worry, she’s probably still kicking back in NY or Paris right now yukking it up.

  19. Melissa said she wanted to talk to her fans about what she is doing now. Maybe she should go on Facebook or Twitter for that. When you go on a TV show you have to remember it is their show not yours.

  20. “Events of the week?” What events? She had a hissy fit and said something incredibly silly & stuck up.
    Do you think Sally Field likes being asked about The Flying Nun or Gidget? Does Michelle Williams love forever being asked about Dawson’s Creek? No.
    You just answer the question & move on to the next one. Something she hasn’t seemed to grasp yet.

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