Melissa George apologises (and mmmm, how about them Surry Hills croissants?)

Melissa George has retreated from her staunch position of seven days ago when everything was looking much sweeter in Paris and New York and anywhere but Sydney.

“The events of the week have upset me and I want to apologise to any of my fans who were offended about my comments about Australia last weekend,” George told the Sun-Herald yesterday.

“It was never my intention. I’m really proud of my Australian roots and I will continue to come home often to see my family and to work here.”

Good to hear.

George also said, “I’m also proud of my early work in Australia and am always happy for people to refer to Home and Away, but what I really want to be able to talk to my fans about is the work I’m doing now,” George said.

News flash: The Morning Show segment spent way more time on Hunted and McHappy Day than the glimpse of Home and Away.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had a wonderful career over the past 20 years here and overseas, including working on the series Hunted which HBO confirmed will continue.”

And just in case you are feeling peckish, “In fact my favourite croissants in the world are at the Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills.”

Hunted begins 8:30 Saturday on SBS ONE (BYO croissants and humble pie).


  1. Channel 7, the kings of cross promotion to the point I get ill. Ever watched the Australian open? I didn’t realise how many Home and Away stars Love the tennis.
    Give Mel a break. She was on the show 20 years ago and has a vast body of work since.
    I was a waiter once but I don’t want to talk about it let alone want it to be the highlight of my life.
    Tall poppy syndrome anyone? I think she is great and good on her. From these comments New York and Paris seem prerferable too.
    Get a life people

  2. @Andrew here’s the story about Dieter Brummer wanting to be killed off H&A because of George.

  3. I am going to give Hunted a go. Melissa George was very good in Season 1 of HBO’s In Treatment. That is the role I remember her most strongly in. PS In Treatment is a great show for others to look into.

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