Nine: first week of summer

Nine’s first week of summer includes new episodes include Two Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly, Survivor, Who Do You Think You Are?, Are You There Chelsea?, CSI: New York and plenty of cricket.

House Husbands replays from episode 1 while other replays include The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock and Harry’s Law.

Sun Dec 2
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm Cricket: Third Test
8:30pm The Mentalist
9:30pm CSI
10:30pm Unforgettable
11:30pm Southland

Mon Dec 3
6:30pm Cricket: Third Test
8:30pm The Mentalist
9:30pm House Husbands
10:30pm Harry’s Law
11:30pm Nikita

Tues Dec 4
6:30pm Cricket: Third Test
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory
9:00pm Two Broke Girls
9:30pm Two and a Half Men
10:0pm Mike & Molly
10:30pm Survivor
11:30pm Weeds

Wed Dec 5
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm The Big Bang Theory
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory
8:00pm Hot Property
8:30pm Sherlock
10:30pm Who Do You Think You Are?
11:30pm Are You There Chelsea?

Thu Dec 6
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm The Big Bang Theory
7:30pm Getaway Summer
8:30pm Person of Interest
9:30pm CSI: NY
10:30pm True CSI: Cold Blood
11:30pm Weeds

Fri Dec 7
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm The Big Bang Theory
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory
8:00pm Two and a Half Men
8:30pm Movie: Fool’s Gold
10:50pm Movie: Friends with Money

Sat Dec 8
6:30pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos: summer season
7:30pm TBA
9:30pm TBA


  1. Summertime and the TV stations shut shop and go to the beach. Remember when Neilsen did the ratings in the 1990s and promised year-round ratings so there would be no silly season of repeats and z-grade programming? The TV stations got jack of having to show top-rate programs year-round and sacked Neilsen and started their own ratings company called OzTam which brought back the silly season and Easter non-ratings periods. Why the advertisers continue to swallow this is anybody’s guess.

  2. I work Tuesday Nights so don’t get to see the Comedies.Got to Admit in the absence of anything that isn’t a Australian 21st Century Take on Sex and the City there’s an alternative that isn’t a crime show double or triple.

  3. Loving Tuesdays comedy block on nine and glad they are staying. Although i will miss new BBT, I think it is sensible for nine to keep some episodes of their highest rater until the new year. Enjoying Survivor this season with the surprise inclusion of a former Facts of Life star.

  4. Wow they are repeating The Mentalist again! (And they wonder why it rates around 800,000 of less when it used to rate much higher in the early multichannel landscape).
    I agree with most others. This is either stuff I don’t watch of stuff I have seen. Thank goodness for other channels first run eps, DVDs and sunshine.

  5. Even though I’ve watched the entire series by now, it’s good to see Weeds on twice this coming week (let’s hope it stays there). Do we know what episode/season they’re starting with?

  6. That looks the same as their regular lineup when there’s no Block or BB airing

    Yay for Person of Interest getting an 8:30 slot. It’d be good if they fast-tracked some episodes of the current season there as well

  7. Wow its Big Bang Theory, Two and Half Men and Two Broke Girls. Oh how I’ve missed them. Give it a rest already. Thats one Network I can skip over summer. Three good reasons to be outdoors.

  8. Cannot see one thing in that line up which I’ll be watching. Either seen it or don’t want to see it.
    I can see why there are running that particular first run content, considering they are not high raters normally (above 800k).

  9. Aside from the removal of whatever reality show they’re usually pushing (Big Brother being the most recent), I’m at a loss to see how this differs from Nine’s usual fare.

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