Nine wins Sunday -just.

Ratings: It was a close battle between Nine and Seven for Sunday’s ratings with just 0.2% splitting the two rivals. Updated.

It was a close battle between Nine and Seven for Sunday’s ratings with just 0.2% splitting the two rivals.

Nine Network won with 29.7% then Seven 29.5%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 16.8% and SBS 5.1%.

60 Minutes was best for Nine on 1.18m then House Husbands finale (1.04m), Nine News (1.00m), Big Brother (904,000), The Mentalist (654,000) and Person of Interest (311,000).

Sunday Night was #1 with 1.34m for Seven then Seven News (1.2m), Air Ways (940,000), Border Security (890,000), Bones (818,000), Killing Time (377,000 / 270,000), and The Great Outdoors (357,000). Strike Back was just 123,000.

TEN was right to move another Modern Family into the place of The New Normal. Last week the timeslot had 536,000 but last night the second episode pulled 1.05m, higher than the 7:30 edition which was 822,000. But with the big lead in Homeland lifted only slightly to 650,000 (up from 618,000 last week). Elsewhere TEN News was 477,000, Merlin was 463,000, The Project was 350,000, Vegas was 249,000 and FIA Formula One was 168,000 in 4 cities. The New Normal is due to return this Sunday, but will TEN blink and keep a Modern Family replay in its place? Watch this space…

UPDATE: New Normal is out of this Sundays schedule and will be replaced by a repeat of Modern Family.

David Attenborough Kingdom of Plants (845,000, Making of: 781,000) led ABC1 followed by ABC News (795,000), Dangerous Remedy (636,000) was fourth in its slot, Compass (261,000), Landline (204,000) and Auction Room (182,000).

Finding Life Beyond Earth (294,000) topped SBS ONE then World News Australia (197,000), Battle Castle (194,000) and By the People: The Election of Obama (125,000).

Big Bang was big on multichannels with 317,000.

Sunday 4 November 2012

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  1. It amazes me the rubbish that rates well on Seven and Nine and “Homeland”arguably the best show on FTA TV struggles, Never over estimate the stupidity of a mainstream audience it seems.

    Enough “Modern Family”already, I have said for a while that “New Normal” needed to move, but TEN please put it on at a better time (say 9 30 one weeknight) I think they thought it would appeal because of the gay couple in “Modern Family”, but this is a very different beast and much more politically motivated under the laughs. Its a good show that gets better, but please dont treat it badly because you picked the wrong timeslot.

    Doubt next week “Homeland” will pick up a “House Husband” audience, its too far into the series and lets face it, anyone who can endure “House Husbands” isnt the intelligent audience “Homeland” requires

  2. The New Normal reportedly improves a bit. So Ten will probably stick with it.

    Repeats of Modern Family aren’t doing that much better and some people have only just figured out that the Sunday episode isn’t a repeat. With 7 repeats on a week already another one could just confuse and annoy people.

  3. In breaking news, Ten has announced a new strategy for ratings. They have replaced TVSN with a new channel that shows Modern Family episodes from all 4 seasons. The name of the channel has not been anounced yet. More to come! 😛

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