Quentin and Willesee: “Boom! Still got it.”

Ratings: As Sunday Night takes #1 for the night a very happy Quentin Kenihan tweets, "Boom! Still got it."

Sunday Night‘s reunion with Quentin Kenihan and Mike Willesee helped Seven’s show become the top rating show last night with 1.38m viewers. This morning a very happy Quentin Kenihan has already tweeted, “Quentin & Willesee highest rating for the night. Boom! Still got it.”

Seven Network won the night with a 33.3% share then Nine 29.0%, TEN 17.8%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 4.5%.

Seven’s other performers included Seven News (1.17m), Air Ways (893,000), Border Security (848,000) and Bones (824,000 / 565,000). Law and Order: LA was 235,000.

Nine News (1.33m) was best for Nine followed by 60 Minutes (1.3m), Second Test (1.14m / 709,000), Summer with the Australian Women’s Weekly (674,000), The Mentalist (474,000 / 276,000). The Cricket Show was 719,000.

Modern Family (785,000) led for TEN followed by a repeat at 773,000. Homeland was 711,000 then TEN News (412,000), The Project (341,000) and Vegas (221,000).

For ABC1 it was Michael Palin’s Brazil (739,000), ABC News (732,000), Wallander (610,000) and Compass (242,000).

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (209,000) topped SBS ONE then Death Row (195,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country led multichannels with 287,000 viewers.

Sunday 25 November 2012

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  1. So a Fast-Tracked episode of Modern Family has finally out rated the repeat.

    Though the repeat was the umpteenth repeat of the 3 year old pilot episode and it only beat it by 108k. Though it was still over 200k behind what the new episodes where rating they were shown without the repeat, and an extra week behind the US.

  2. Last night I was happy to see Person of Interest back late at night. But there were two problems. I’m assuming particularly last week it wasn’t on possibly to avoid a Chuck clash. I approve of that kind of thinking if so. Unfortunately it did have a bit of a clash with Chuck this week. I’ll note I can’t watch both at once nor the interesting 2013 ads either if you do that.

    But more annoyingly they skipped episodes. They were playing quite reliably near the end of the first season of Person of Interest. Then they skipped to episode 6 of the second season. The enjoyable element of the series is how the characters interactions and relationships change over time. I grant you it was a good episode that didn’t have major spoilers. But I hope next year the late night episodes will start at season 1 episode 21 and continue in order. No worries otherwise.

    If you want to make it nearly every week and run out of episodes it could start again. There were episodes I missed. I’ll admit I’m even curious what you’ll do on Thursdays. That said I couldn’t commit to that day. So am prepared to wait for the late night episodes. Hopefully properly finishing the first season. I look forward to it.

  3. I know this will sound harsh but i found it pretty painful to watch. The interview was rubbish and learnt nothing from this. Poor quentin though his health is very bad 🙁

    However, shame on Ch7 for putting this forward and expecting us to see this as a real story.

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