Rumour: The Amazing Race (US) headed to Oz?

The Amazing Race (US) maybe on its way to Australia for a leg on the next season.

Diehard fans at realityfanforum are reporting contestants racing through New Zealand, with plenty of photographic evidence (warning: spoiler alert). GuardianOnline has also reported a visit to Christchurch, Phil Keoghan’s hometown, hit hard by earthquakes and a tourism downturn.

But there is also speculation racers are now Australia-bound, with talk of flights either Brisbane NZ805 (Arr: Bris: 4:30pm) or Melbourne NZ7911 (Arr: Melb: 5:50pm)

It wouldn’t be the first time TAR has raced through Australia, although so far Melbourne has missed out on a leg.

If you spy anything, just raise an eyebrow, Keoghan-like, and pass on any photos to you know where….

Update: Teams travelled via Melbourne-Perth onto Bali.


  1. @DK – 🙂
    I presume that, despite being given the boot, these staff are highly regarded and respected? I also trust that they have your best wishes and were sincerely thanked for their significant contribution to the blog.

  2. @nik c: The turn-around of filming to airing is pretty quick. The current season on CBS commenced filming from May 26 2012 and finished on June 16 2012. It then went to air on September 30. Not bad considering the amount of editing they have to do.

    Based on last seasons film dates of 26th Nov-19 Dec 2011 and airing date of Feb 19 2012, we will probably get season 22 in Feb 2013

  3. David, if you ever need to let some of your many staff go, don’t sack anyone from the department that selects your article photos. Some of them are priceless.

  4. I agree with Bella. How exciting!
    What is the turn around for TAR filming and then airing? I know the current season airs at the start of be US rating season, do they often have two?
    If so we may get it in Feb. Any news on the next Oz version?

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