Samantha Jade wins The X Factor 2012

25 year old Samantha Jade from Western Australia has won The X Factor 2012.

The consummate young singer mentored by Guy Sebastian defeated 18 year old ‘bush hero’ Jason Owen and rabid boyband The Collective.

She becomes the first female to win the talent series in Australia and secures a recording contract and a new car.

Jade had entered the Seven contest as her “last shot” at a music career following thwarted attempts, including former prospects in the US. But her ride to the top wasn’t without challenges, frequently voted in the bottom two by viewers.

“I’m so overwhelmed! I am so delighted to be here and never thought I would win. I’ve had the most amazing experience on The X Factor and loved every minute of it,” she said.

By contrast, runner up Jason Owen mentored by Mel B. was never voted in the bottom two as viewers responded to his transformation from a boy from the bush to a confident young performer. As runner up he also wins a new car.

Popular boyband The Collective, who had turned in dynamic performances mentored by Ronan Keating, were a shock elimination and had to settle for third place.

The Grand Final included performances by Boyz II Men, Owl City, former contestants and a satellite performance by One Direction.

Seven’s series has been a ratings hit, blemished only by the disqualification of a former contestant. It has already announce details of its next Audition Tour.

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  1. The US show is actually one of the poorest versions of the show around – and though the UK version hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this year I suspect it might find a bigger audience on 7Two than the US version. It doesn’t even need to be the latest one – if they think Simon is the selling point they could rewind a few years and show them.

  2. A lot of talent this year…. Bella, Shiane …..and what 7 missed out is the angle that Sammi could become the next Kylie Minogue ….. she reminded me of her …..

    very sad to see that there seemed to be more ads for nissan, coke and Mcdonalds then there was actual content on the show …. I got to watch walking dead on fx and didnt miss a thing on x factor …..

  3. I hope so @david knox. If Nine/Win can show the U.S version of The Voice surely Seven can show The X Factor U.S. Even if it was only on 7TWO or 7Mate. Although neither of their two digital channels seem the right fit for it somehow. So it would make more sense to show it on Seven itself. I Mean they broadcast The Amazing Race U.S as well as the Aussie version don’t they? Why not do the same with X Factor and see how it goes? Even if it’s a later timeslot…

  4. @ Mr. J – I Havent seen the live shows i admit. But i thoroughly enjoyed the Audition episodes. I myself, my family and quite a few of my friends who have enjoyed the Australian version also enjoyed the U.S version, some like myself even enjoyed it more. If you prefer the Australian version than thats your valid personal opinion. I think however that if Channel 7 were to screen the American version on the non ratings period over summer it would gather quite a bit of interest riding on the back of the Australian finale and also people’s curiousity to see how Britney Spears would go as a judge. It seems australia cant get enough of Singing reality shows at the moment.

  5. So glad Sammi won. I admit I have wondered if the show was “rigged”, considering the amount of publicity some contestants were getting while others got very little. But Sammi won on her own merit without the extra publicity. And she deserves it!! Definitely one of the most talented contestants this year!!

  6. Well done Sammi! A much deserving winner and i also believe its the first time a contestant has won the show when being the bottom 2 the first week anywhere around the world in the X Factor franchise.

    I am so glad The Collective lost out though. One of the most over-rated acts in this show this year. They are good but not that good.

    Its been a fantastic season and i hope Mel B is back next year. Rumours are flying around Britain that they are trying to nab her for their series next year after featuring in the series’ auditions this year.

  7. Now please Channel 7 start showing the U.S version of X Factor over summer. Got a lot more talent to pull from over there 🙂 Ive watched the auditon episodes online and Britney Spears & Simon Cowell are 2 of the most entertaining judges to watch!

  8. Goatracer – it’s live in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria. If you’re in QLD/SA/NT or WA, you should be used to the delayed telecast by now. I was stunned to see The Collective knocked out in 3rd place, but given that One Direction finished in the same place in their year, they shouldn’t be too worried! Someone will snap them up.

  9. jezza the first original one

    Great to see Sammy win, she is such a hottie with a great voice and alluring curves. I hope her career takes off now…..Jason can cut out a career in the ‘country market’ no worries there mate….As for The Collective….well is Ronan willing to put his money behind them, he has backed them massively verbally, now put some money up and take a chance…
    Back to Samantha….you sure do tick a lot of boxes…..good luck and all the best

  10. Your editorial summarised it flawlessly, thank you very much David. Some contestants left way before their time and there was obvious friction between two certain mentors. The hullabaloo was nominal and occurred much earlier on during the series.

    In all equality, The X Factor: Australia 2012 series has been the greatest to date and by a long mile. The talent has been extraordinary and the production values were enviable. A matter of personal estimation, while Fremantle Media is owed a great debt of gratitude, I hold the firm conviction no one does event television as good as Seven.

  11. I thought this show was supposed to be about unearthing new talent? Samantha Jade is a talent but she is not new. She featured on the Step Up soundtrack and has a history in the industry. This show is called The X Factor not Second Chances.

  12. Good old Seven I was stupid enough to come here to have a whinge about the Ad breaks being punctuated by a pesky show when of course I forgot it wasn’t live …….Congrats Sammy and shove it up your proverbial Seven

  13. Happy to see Samantha Jade win. Jason once again showing why he is just a nice guy with a nice runner up speech and thats 2 years in a row they have got a deserving winner who can really sing. Altiyan was a disaster choice. But Guy must be a great mentor.

    If the collective came in the top 2 would the car company have to dish out 5 cars? Im sure they would had though.

  14. Amazing result for Sammi – such a fantastic singer. She has the whole package & with the right songs she could do very well overseas.
    Interestingly the winning song was co written by Bachelor Girl’s Tania Doko!

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