Seven takes Tuesday

Ratings: Seven dominated across primetime, while at the other end SBS had a pretty good night too.

If it’s Tuesday it must be Seven, which dominated across primetime last night.

Seven Network was 32.9% then Nine 24.5%, TEN 18.3%, ABC 17.8% and SBS 6.4%.

The X Factor with guest Elton John  was 1.5m for Seven then Winners and Losers (1.22m), Seven News (1.19m), Today Tonight (1.02m), Home and Away (1.00m), Grey’s Anatomy (626,000), Deal or No Deal (522,000) and Smash (231,000).

Nine News (1.13m) led for Nine followed by Big Bang (976,000 / 671,000), ACA (945,000), 10 Incredible Near Misses (693,000), 2 Broke Girls (679,000), Two and a Half Men (566,000), First Test (544,000 / 357,000), Mike and Molly (360,000). Survivor was 182,000.

TEN News was 590,000 for TEN. Modern Family was 569,000, NCIS was 560,000, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was 522,000 / 499,000, NCIS: LA was 493,000 and The Project 6pm was 359,000.

ABC News hit 999,000 for ABC1 followed by A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales (717,000), 7:30 (714,000), Foreign Correspondent (644,000) and Qi (616,000).

56 Up was 376,000 on SBS ONE then America in Primetime (247,000), Clinton (206,000) and World News Australia (150,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 269,000 on ELEVEN.

Sunrise: 333,000
Today: 329,000
Breakfast: 58,000
ABC News Breakfast:  52,000 / 34,000

Tuesday 13 November 2012

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  1. Maybe we should track down everyone with a rating box and pay them to switch onto Breakfast ch10 haha imagine if the ratings went up and hit 150,000 a morning they would have a heartattack hahaha

  2. I think long term Ten would have just been better to axe Paul Henry and either bring Rochford back or get another male presenter (Matt Doran?)

    I quite like Paul, but can understand why others don’t so probably best to just scrap him. Most people thought Breakfast was a good format, just didn’t like Henry.

    So why bother starting again from scratch?

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