TEN axe falls on Ron Wilson, Bill Woods, Craig Smart.

Updated: TEN is discussing the future for Brisbane's Georgina Lewis as it moves towards solo-hosted News bulletins.

More key names have been sacked by TEN as the network moves towards solo-hosted News bulletins.

Ron Wilson, who has been with TEN for thirty years, was given notice today. He joined as a newsreader on Good Morning Australia in 1982 but is best known for his TEN News presenting. He has most recently been presenter of TEN Morning News.

Bill Woods has been with TEN since 1989 including on Sports Tonight, RPM, Thursday Night Live and TEN News.

On the weekend TEN denied Bill Woods had been sacked -but it was an ominous  sign of what was to come. Woods also said at the time nobody had discussed his departure with him.

A TEN spokesperson today said, “As a result of changes in TEN’s News and Operations division, Ron Wilson and Bill Woods are leaving the company.

“Both are highly regarded and respected news presenters and reporters, and have been a key part of the TEN team for many years.

“Both Ron and Bill leave TEN with our best wishes. We sincerely thank them for their significant contribution to the company.”

Meanwhile TEN News presenter in WA Craig Smart will also exit, after joining from ABC late last year.

“As a result of the changes in TEN’s News and Operations division, Craig Smart is leaving the company,” a Network TEN spokesperson said.

“Craig is a highly regarded and respected news presenter, and has been a key part of the TEN team.

“Craig leaves TEN with our best wishes and sincere thanks for his significant contribution to the company.”

Earlier today TEN announced both Breakfast and TEN Morning News would wrap on November 30.

UPDATED: The Age reports: “Ten is still in discussions with Georgina Lewis (Brisbane) about her future role.

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  1. Wow – it just never seems to end. Have worked at Ten, and both Ron and Bill are consummate professionals and nice guys into the bargain. Kath Robinson is a loss as well. Fingers crossed they are snapped up elsewhere. Am really wondering how many of the other crew have been given their marching orders too – it is often harder for those “behind the scenes” to get other work without the assistance of a public profile. Sad days indeed 🙁

  2. @Peter B Sandra Sully’s Late News had double the ratings of the current version. The 5pm ratings increased when she replaced Deborah Knight. You’re claims are false.

  3. *tinfoil hat on*

    Channel 10 is competition to Foxtel. Lachlan is dismantling Channel 10 piece by piece in the vain hope that we’ll all give up and go cable. Not this little black duck.

    The only thing we watch on 10/Eleven/ONE is the Major League Baseball and once their season restarts next year I’ll subscribe to MLB TV. Cheaper than cable.

    Oh and also watched The Game Plan on ONE/10 (is there any word on it surviving the massacre? Because it was the only decent FTA NRL show)

    Because surely the business decisions that are being made here have to have some reason behind them. Otherwise all Channel 10 shareholders need to rise up and storm them!

  4. Both Bill W & Ron W are true professional presenters.
    Always doing their relevant research on the subject at hand, well prepared and coud be relied upon to present and articulate the subject matter to the vewier no matter what the situation was unfolding behind the camera.

    Experienced, cool headed and reliable. I wish them all the best and am sure any network would be better off with them both on the books

  5. @steveany 2.0: Because viewers feel attached to these people. They watch them on their screens night after night it’s like the newsreader is a regular visitor to their home. I’m not saying it’s rational but it’s just the way it is.

    So take the newsreader away abruptly and viewers lose that routine, that connection, they feel they’ve lost someone they know. And nobody likes to see people they know lose their jobs.

    Melbournians may remember when Mal Walden was sacked at a moment’s notice from Channel 7 in 1987. Viewers were outraged because although he wasn’t #1, viewers liked him and he lost his job and it was handled terribly by management, and so people boycotted Seven’s news for a long time after that.

  6. Enough is enough, I could not restrain myself any longer and have come out of my own self imposed TV Tonight retirement, after reading such a variation of opinions and diverse range of comments.

    Where do I start? To all those who so easily shrug off the value of reputations, and sadly is seemingly indicative of todays generation of viewer(instant and selfish, not every body has or can afford pay Tv? ). Many comments completely ignore the fact that most of these most loved? newsreaders have earned respect and started at the bottom and gained respect of viewers over many years.The ones who do in fact only read off a prompter are quickly exposed to those who actually listen and digest what has been said.
    I have frequently commented on the ‘Power of Todays Media’. and in my opinion todays Media Masters prime objective, is getting “The Government They Want” elected, just read some of the sour grape comments after the USA election.
    What better way to wrongly use power, than to ger rid of experience and replace it with those still on a learning curve, to afraid to rock the boat.

    To us oldies, sometimes the most powerful of news items depend on how it is spoken, or even worse knowing “What is Not Being Reported”.

  7. @David – you’re right of course, that’s why we read this site so avidly. But this reaction seems so disproportionate to me. I wonder if it has more to do with the general build up of irritation with Ch Ten over this year than any actual grief for the newsreaders. Must be Sociology thesis in here somewhere.

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