Union resumes job talks with TEN

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and the Community and Public Sector Union have withdrawn a complaint against Network TEN with Fair Work Australia.

Unions have agreed to continue negotiations with management over an unspecified number of redundancies in News.

A union spokesperson told The Australian “At a further meeting yesterday, the company did provide a more satisfactory amount of detail, including the likely final number of voluntary redundancies and the steps they proposed to reduce the number of forced redundancies.”

Industry has speculated that around 100 jobs are the target of voluntary redundancies. The Australian tips that 70 staff have applied for packages and that TEN is expected to sack up to 40 journalists and news staff.

A TEN spokesman disputed the numbers. “The unions’ allegations against TEN are completely wrong,” he said.

TEN will maintain locally produced and presented state bulletins.


  1. Who was the brainiac who determined TEN needed to hire “100” more news people to do the same as what they were doing and what they will be doing, without the extra “100”?
    The unashamed political bias of Andrew Bolt and Paul Henry rubs off onto TEN News and TEN in general.

  2. How does Ch10 Justify keeping Andrew Bolt and Paul Henry on their books? Both shows are flops, and both are Right Winged Loonies. Maybe Ch10 should go after Allan Jones to host another Far Right Wing Tv show, sure no one would watch it. But for some reason that’s the direction Ch10 wants to head in.

  3. With the MEAA/CPSU still negotiating for fair treatment and the redundancies offered to many long serving and loyal staff, mean that Mr. P. Henry and Mr. A Bolt can feel even more secure.

    Because how often do we see what strong union supporters these two are.

    If these two do not get tapped on the shoulder first, perhaps it is time to rebadge Fair Work Australia to Unfair Work Australia.

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