Airdate: New Year’s Eve 2012

KM nyNine’s broadcast of New Year’s Eve 2012 from Sydney Harbour will feature Kylie Minogue, Reece Mastin, Ricki-Lee Coulter, the cast of Legally Blonde, Darren Percival and hosts Catriona Rowntree and Jason Dundas.

There are two parts to the broadcast at at 8.30pm and 11.30pm.

Channel Nine will present the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations when Sydney Harbour lights up on Monday night, December 31.

Join hosts Catriona Rowntree and Jason Dundas with the best view in town as they host the New Year’s Eve broadcast live from the Lord Mayor’s Party at the Sydney Opera House, starting at 8.30pm with the family fireworks.

Sydney NYE Creative Ambassador Kylie Minogue will be a special guest on the telecast including a special midnight “countdown moment” which involves the Aussie pop superstar.

Nine’s telecasts will also feature performances from Reece Mastin, Ricki-Lee Coulter, the cast of Legally Blonde, Darren Percival, and international dance sensation Blaze.

Nine’s roving NYE reporter, Big Brother’s Josh Moore, will get amongst it as he meets friends and families enjoying the NYE celebrations on Sydney’s harbour and foreshore.

Then, at 11.30pm, Catriona and Jason begin the countdown to midnight and the spectacular fireworks finale as Australia says farewell 2012 and hello 2013.

Host Catriona Rowntree says: “Regardless of where you watch this year’s NYE fireworks from Sydney Harbour, it’ll be magical.

“The fact that Nine’s broadcast is going out around the world and that Kylie Minogue is the Ambassador for the night makes me all the more excited about being involved. I promise it’ll take your breath away and give a smile to all.”

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2012 New Year’s Eve Celebrations:
Monday, December 31, at 8.30pm and 11.30pm on Channel Nine


  1. @deedeedragons..”would you rather see Hobart’s or Canberra’s or something?”…Yeah can’t see the problem with that idea.I’m not bored witless yet that seeing fireworks on TV floats my boat with excitement.If I was stuck in front of the box I would think the featured performances would be the draw-card.There’s nothing stopping that being shown from Hobart or Canberra,other than the normal bit of Sydney centric nonsense of course….

    • Very aware of the meaning of the word, but it is the eve of the 2013 year just as Xmas Eve is the eve of Xmas. Seems rather pointless to me to have an eve of a year that won’t exist as soon as that eve expires, but I accept I am likely in the minority!

    • Shrugs…. it’s the title of the show. Personally I’ve always subscribed to the theory that it’s the eve of 2013 anyway, so don’t get me started!

      PDA: I did read elsewhere that Catriona was happy to return and do one-off gigs if they suited so my understanding is it had expired.

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