Airdate: Welcome to India

2012-12-30_0122SBS screens a three part observational series capturing the hopes and hardship of life in India.

Learning how to survive on an increasingly crowded planet is probably our ultimate challenge. But there is one place, home to over a sixth of the world’s population, which is already making a good shot at adapting: India.

With astonishing access into the densest districts of Kolkata and Mumbai, this observational series celebrates the impressive resourcefulness, resilience and absolute pragmatism of those living and working there, and reveals the psyche needed to get ahead in the biggest of crowds.

The first episode follows two main characters as they employ all their ingenuity to carve out a home. With more people moving to cities in India than anywhere else on Earth, securing that place you can call home is vital for nurturing your family’s future.

Kaale has come to Kolkata in search of gold – incredibly, he earns a living by sweeping the streets of the jewellery district for stray gold dust. But to fulfil his business ambitions, he must escape his landlord and rent a room of his own. 

Rajesh and his wife Sevita have created their home on a Mumbai beach. They support their kids’ future with some impressive improvisation, including running their house as a makeshift beach pub selling cane liquor. But then eviction by the Mumbai council threatens their home for good.

Wednesday, 2 January at 9.30pm on SBS ONE.

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