Airdate: Who Makes The News?

As part of ABC News 24’s summer season of Monday night documentaries it screens Who Makes The News? exploring the relationship between television and politics.

Narrated by ABC broadcaster Geraldine Doogue, the program retraces some of the biggest political stories of the past 50 years, with archival vision and interviews with ABC reporters and political operatives that shed light on the mindsets and decisions that shaped Australia and its broadcast news.

Who Makes The News? revisits ABC political coverage: the impact of the Vietnam War; the rise and fall of Gough Whitlam; the day Bob Hawke became Labor leader; Paul Keating’s Redfern speech; John Howard’s gun buyback program and the security scares of 2001; and the Rudd/Gillard contest of 2010.

This documentary also explores current views on the impact of the continuous news cycle on political outcomes. Interviews include: Kerry O’Brien, Gerald Stone, Tim Bowden, Barrie Cassidy, Greg Turnbull, Jim Middleton, Grahame Morris, Lachlan Harris, Chris Uhlmann, Mark Simkin, Arthur Sinodinos, Russell Mahoney, Ken Begg and Fran Kelly.

This TV special has been produced in conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of local ABC TV broadcasting in Canberra. Executive Producer: Eric Napper.

9.30pm AEDT on Monday, December 10 ABC News 24.


  1. Oh god. I hope they don’t drag out yet again that tired old black and white film of the young refugee girl with the cameraman saying how he tried to focus with tears in his eyes. I’m sure Aunty produces these programs merely as an excuse to show that film to demonstrate how politically correct and left wing they are.

  2. Sensible timeslot. Might watch. I saw an ad for it I’m curious. Looks interesting. I wish other shows were treated like this in prime time. Thanks to Q&A at least one is.

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