Building up the Neighbourhood

2012-12-28_0116If you thought Neighbours was showing signs of slowing down, think again.

Producers have been busy building new exterior sets at its production base at Nunawading (formerly Global TV, formerly Channel TEN studios).

Not content with its famous exterior Lassiters site, the soap has been quietly doubling new exteriors for its Ramsay Street houses to allow for more ‘backyard’ shooting of its cul-de-sac homes.  But this time on its own turf, literally.

It seems there’s only one house with pool access at Pin Oak Court, the street that has been its home for over 25 years, and it’s looking a little tired.

By building their own sets, producers will have a lot more scope to write and shoot backyard scenes, complete with a pool.

Work on the site, situated adjacent to the Nunawading facility, will continue into the new year.

The show returns to ELEVEN on January 7th.


  1. This photo was took by a fan who did the Neighbours tour.

    Looks like Lassiters may have a new apartment complex called ‘Eclipse at Lassiters.’ This would certaintly solve the housing situation. It would be a great new place to film.

  2. it makes sense they will be a police station, since they are going to be 2 cops on the show, Matt Turner and Mark Brennan.

    It was last year Erinsborough police station was merged with West Warratah station.

  3. They will be a new Police Station, which will replace Erinsborough News. Considering they will be 2 cops on the show, it makes sense for there to be a Police Station.

  4. Richard Jasek interview from TV Week. Richard was asked:

    Are they any new sets?
    Neighbours is currently going through a renaissance. So, yes, we’re building new back-lot sets that will be backyards for some of our houses, which we haven’t seen before. We’ll also have new interior sets. We’ll be seeing some renewal for our old favourite sets, such as Harold’s and Charlie’s, as well as Paul’s house, plus some new spaces while Lassiter’s Hotel goes through a renewal.

  5. @ J Bar what a debate! Well, H&A seems to be all about the River Boys now, which is tedious since it’s the same story over and over.

    But the last time I watched Neighbours they had the silly Irishman (name escapes) doing annoying comic relief and a pretend wedding between Lucas and Vanessa. I’m sure they did a similar story with Toady and Steph, so why do it again?

    Seems like both shows are going back to their roots next year so that’s promising.

  6. As it looks like the Turner’s will be moving into No. 32, where are Lucas, Vanessa and the baby going to live? I would have kept Lucas/Vanessa were they are and have the Turner’s & Lou move into a bigger house.

  7. Interesting article.

    Not sure that I agree the show is the ‘thinking man’s H&A’ – it has been horribly dull the last couple of years, the storylines drag on forever.

    Can’t wait for the return of Sarah Beaumont. Can’t remember how well she acted but it was a great story back in the day.

  8. Can’t wait for Mark’s return. Scott McGregor is a great actor, plus he’s totally hot. Looking forward to Kate’s reaction to Mark’s return and them getting back together. Kate & Mark made such a cute couple.

    Do we know if they are building a new police station? As they will be 2 cops on the show next year. Hoping Scott extends his contract and stays for a year.

  9. @ryan
    that’s true generally – lots of himbos and bimbos in H&A although it wasn’t like that in the beginning. But Neighbours has it’s eye candy & they can act. Jade,Summer,Tash etc. And Mark & Kyle for the gals!

  10. They are deff different to home and away! Home and away are about hiring the hottest actors no matter if they can act or not! Neighbours doesn’t think like that and goes for the best actors and it shows.

  11. Should the real residents of Pin Oak Court begin to worry? Replicating their backyards on the studio lot must inevitably mean less filming in the street, and therefore, less money for the property owners..

  12. @tomothyd I have a mate that lives in a cul de sac in a very quiet suburb and the residents there do an odd amount of things in their front yards, just as the residents of Ramsay Street do. Went to a Christmas party there last week which was held in the middle of the street and all their neighbours were there.

  13. TasTVcameraman

    Can hardly wait, maybe ELEVEN can get the extra viewers it requires, to overtake that other soap which in my opinion is not a patch on “Neighbours”.

    As I said once “Neighbours” is the thinking person’s Home and Away !

    After all they have put the Simpsons back on the main channel, which is really good as I can turn channels as soon as the TEN news finishes to our local news.

  14. Actually both Toadie’s house and the Kapoor house have a swimming pool. However when the Kapoors moved in and had the backyard party, the pool was nowhere to be seen, as they used another backyard for these scences.

    In the season finale, Lucas went into the backyard to Vanessa’s mothers house (out of Ramsey St) when he went own the side and into the yard, you could clearly tell it was actually Karl Kennedy’s backyard as we have seen it before, and more obvious was the distinct grey brick wall of 26 Ramsay St next door.

    I have always found it odd an unrealistic the amount of things the residents do in their front yards because rear access must be limited.

    I’d really like to see the interior sets see a makeover, and also be brought back to their original size. They have massive houses with the interior smaller than my two bedroom apartment.

  15. What sets are they building?

    I assume with 2 cops on the show, they will be building a new police station.

    It was mentioned in Soap World magazine, that we would see new sets from the first ep of 2013 season.

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