International names rumoured for Nine reality shows

The rumour mill today is working overtime on who may join Australia's Got Talent and Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

The rumour mill today is working overtime on two shows, Australia’s Got Talent and Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Both are FremantleMedia productions for Nine (you’d almost swear someone was deliberately leaking news just to keep them in the spotlight…..)

The Daily Telegraph reports AGT will have one international judge, with Victoria Beckham a current favourite, followed by Lily Allen and Sharon Osbourne. Osbourne clearly has form in this arena both in the US and UK.

But all of them will have a long way to go to fill the shoes of Dannii Minogue.

Meanwhile, Mel B.’s husband Stephen Belafonte is rumoured to be on the wish list for The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. As celebrities go, his name doesn’t carry much star power in Australia (unless you count AVOs against paparazzi?).

Could it soon be time for the unions to step in and insist Aussie talent gets prioritised in future castings?

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  1. I’m thinking X Factor and AGT will go up against each other next year. I think 7 intend X Factor to screen earlier, with the auditions for the next season already being held at the tail end of 2012.

    But with the right judging panel, AGT could be a drawcard. Everyone knows the X Factor format and the judges, and these shows are more about the judges than contestants. So a revamped and refreshed AGT on Nine, I feel, does have an audience.

    7 won’t be making an major changes to X Factor. Presumably, especially if the auditions are already locked in, all 4 judges and Luke have inked deals to return next season. No way 7 will mess with a successful format, and I think X Factor only really has one more season before either the judging panel has to change, or the production scale has to increase to that of the UK series to renew interest.

  2. I actually liked AGT on 7. Yes, it needed a refresh but only really tanked this year up against a juggernaut. On Nines (Gem) Arias the first 2 acts were Timomatic and Justice Crew. Both former AGT acts. It will not matter how big a star they get to judge, if they do not get really talented acts, it could struggle. If they get Sharon Osbourne they should also get Dannii as these 2 have history.

  3. Victoria Beckham wont be a good choice. She doesn’t have much personality. I don’t think she’s smiled once in her carer?

    I’m not sure about Lily Allen, who by the way goes by the name Lily Rose Cooper now, I have not heard from her much.

    I think Sharon Osbourne on the other hand would be really good. I really enjoyed her on America’s Got Talent last year.

    I just hope David Campbell is given the role as host.

  4. I definitely won’t be watching AGT if Lilly Allen, Sharon Osborne, or Victoria Beckham are going to be judges, i can’t stand them! It’s called Australia’s Got Talent for a reason, we don’t need these international judges this is an Australian show, we need to keep Australian judges, and who better to set an example Dannii Minogue.

  5. I seem to recall VIctoria Beckham guest judging on UK X-factor or American Idol a few years back and being panned for being as dull as dishwater.
    Not a great choice.
    The Celeb Apprentice is mind-numbing drivel, I watch half of one episode this year and am sure my IQ dropped 10 points.

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