New movie channels for Foxtel

Foxtel reveals its revamped suite of movie channels available from January 1st.

Foxtel has announced its new movie channel offering available for subscribers from January 1st, 2013.

The move follows Foxtel’s recent acquisition of Showtime PMP assets and news of the closure of Movie Network Channels.

Foxtel will offer a Foxtel Movies & Premium Drama package consisting of seven Foxtel movie channels (all in HD & SD), retain showcase as a dedicated premium drama channel with HBO titles, World Movies and two +2 time shifted channels.

It will also include an increased On Demand offering with additional movies available to watch at no extra cost to movie subscribers.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel Chief Executive, said: “This is the first step in a revolutionary change to the way Australians will be able to experience movies.

“Our research told us customers want one destination for their movies, as well as simple navigation to find the movie they feel like watching. The seven dedicated and intuitively themed movie channels will ensure we make it as easy as possible for people to find and watch the movie they feel like watching.

“Additionally, our better Foxtel On Demand offering perfectly complements the channels, giving customers a virtual movie library at their fingertips, with hundreds of titles available at any time – providing amazing value for movie subscribers.

“We also understand the value of offering first-class television drama and showcase will continue to be the leader in strong appointment-to-view premium US programming.”

Current subscribers to both movie packages will automatically receive all seven new Foxtel movie channels as well as showcase: the home of HBO, World Movies and the two +2 channels (Premiere and showcase), with the seven new Foxtel movie channels and showcase in HD for HD subscribers.

For Foxtel customers who currently subscribe to ‘one movie package’ changes will be outlined at www.foxtel.com.au/foxtelmovies

Updated:  TCM (Turner Classic Movies) moves to basic package for all subscribers.

It is also interesting to note that Foxtel has retained showcase with its HBO drama series as a movie channel despite other HBO dramas airing on SoHo. This means in order to view shows such as Game of Thrones, Dexter and Breaking Bad customers must subscribe to the movies package.

Premiere HD or SD
Premiere +2 SD
Foxtel Movies Premiere is the channel for every movie lover! A whole channel dedicated to big Hollywood blockbusters and recent releases. Foxtel Movies Premiere is the place to catch the hottest movies with the biggest stars.

406 Action/Adventure HD or SD
A high-octane mix of recent releases and favourites that deliver an adrenaline rush every time you watch. Foxtel Movies Action/Adventure will also keep your heart racing with a killer selection of sci-fi and horror movies late at night.

407 Comedy HD or SD
Comedy has many faces, and we’ve got all of them… get 24/7 laughs with Foxtel Movies Comedy.

408 Drama/Romance HD or SD
Immerse yourself in life’s passions with this emotionally charged channel. From powerful epics to grown up fairytales and moving tear-jerkers Foxtel Movies Drama/Romance will open your mind and touch your heart.

409 Thriller/Crime HD or SD
Foxtel Movies Thriller/Crime is the home of edge of your seat suspense and intrigue. Take a walk on the wild side and gaze into the unknown. Serial killers, gangsters and those who hunt them await you.

405 Family HD or SD
Foxtel Movies Family has an entire universe of characters ready to have fun with the young at heart.

410 Masterpiece HD or SD
Foxtel Movies Masterpiece offers a mix of critically acclaimed independent films, digitally remastered Australian treasures and timeless classics. Simply put: Masterpiece is the crème de la crème of landmark

403 showcase HD or SD
showcase +2 (404)
showcase delivers premium series drama from HBO and the world’s leading producers, outstanding original Australian drama, independent films and feature length documentaries as well as featuring express screenings of the world’s hottest series broadcasting within hours of the international premiere.

430 World Movies SD
World Movies is Australia’s destination for international cinema, featuring foreign film, documentaries, indie flicks, and exclusive access to international movie stars.

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  1. Exclusive rights to sport and US premium cable dramas are the only things that Foxtel have that are worth anything these days. Movies are everywhere and the secondary FTA channels have non-exclusive rights to more repeats that you can poke a stick at.

    It is annoying but not surprising that they are keeping Showcase in the Movie Package.

  2. Mad Men is currently a loose end. Showcase is expected to pick up the rights for it.

    What customers what, lol.

    This has nothing to do with what customers want and everything Foxtel creating a monopoly before the NBN arrives by using their power to drive Showtime and Movie Network out of business.

  3. Hey David (or anyone else) will these new channels have a website similar to showtime.com.au. That website is really handy to see what new movies come up months in advanced. I hope we don’t have to rely on foxtel’s print and online tv guide.

  4. Foxtel are pretty good with the use of the English language when it talks about HD. Yes it was stunning when it first started,it served its purpose to lure in customers now to me its “Horrible HD”

  5. @Josh777

    The Optus D3 has so many unused transponders still! they don’t need another new Satellite to have more HD channels. They recently rented two extra transponders for the Olympics and since turned them off.

    Prepare for the current HD channels to look a lot worse as foxtel squeezes more HD channels into the existing transponders because they don’t want to spend more money.

    Stunning HD? I think not

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