Nine News: live streaming Q&A

Tomorrow Nine’s Peter Overton, Peter Harvey, Mark Burrows, Deborah Knight, Peter Stefanovic and Ken Sutcliffe will participate in a Q&A with viewers live online.

As Nine says, “Viewers will be able to ask anything they’ve ever wanted to know about the making of TV News. We’ll also take you on a live behind the scenes tour of Channel 9, tell some tall tales about news gathering and have a bit of fun along the way.”

Questions can be posted at or by using the hash tag #9STREAM on Twitter. Links to the video stream will be provided on the night on Facebook and the @9NewsSyd twitter account.

Nine has hosted a number of these livestreams before, although not for some time.

Peter Overton
Nine News Presenter and 60 Minutes Reporter. Peter has a wealth of knowledge about reporting on the road and working in the studio. Find out what happens when there’s breaking news during the 6pm bulletin and what goes on in the studio during a commercial break.

Peter Harvey
TV Icon.
Harves has just about done it all! A reporter for Nine News and 60 Minutes and a contributor to just about every news based program on Channel 9. He has reported on major national political events, including the dismissal of the Whitlam Government, reported from every continent and also covered the first Gulf War for the Nine Network (based in Saudi Arabia he was the only Australian reporter with the American forces when the war began).

Mark Burrows
Nine News Senior Reporter.
Mark has had a box seat to many history-making stories and earned a Walkley Award and TV Week Logie Awards for his efforts. He spent nearly six years as Nine’s US correspondent, covering two presidential elections, the LA riots and earthquakes. He also reported on the Oklahoma City bomb attack and the Branch Davidian shootout in Waco Texas. While stationed in Nine’s London Bureau he covered the death of Princess Diana, the Iraq war, Kosovo and fugitive Christopher Skase on the island of Majorca.

Deborah Knight
Nine News Presenter.
An accomplished journalist, Deborah has worked in the Canberra Press Gallery, headed up TEN’s US Bureau and now presents news for TODAY, WEEKEND TODAY, the 11am and 4.30 news, the Sydney 6pm News and recently co-hosted Nine’s coverage of the US Presidential election. She brings a wealth of TV knowledge and has some fascinating stories to tell about her time on the road.

Ken Sutcliffe
Nine News Sports Presenter.
He’s covered the biggest sporting events on the planet and worked with some of the greats of Australian TV including Brian Henderson and Graham Kennedy. Ken’s passion for television is unmatched and during the LIVESTREAM he’s promised to show us the nooks and crannies of Channel 9. Ken will take us on a LIVE behind-the-scenes tour that promises to be fascinating.

Peter Stefanovic
Nine News European Correspondent.
Peter will join us LIVE from London to talk about his recent coverage of war in the Middle East. We’ll find out what it’s like reporting from a war zone with explosions going off left, right and centre. How do you sleep? How do you stay safe? Hear a first-hand account of what it takes to be a reporter on the front line.

Tuesday Dec 4
7.00pm NSW/VIC
6.00pm QLD
6.30pm SA
5.30pm NT
4.00pm WA

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