Plot thickens on Mr & Mrs Murder

This week TV Tonight swung by the set of TEN’s new drama series Mr & Mrs Murder, starring Shaun Micallef & Kat Stewart.

If you’ve seen this duo together on other shows such as Newstopia you’ll know they crackle on screen together.

And without giving too much away, this looks like being a drama unlike anything else around at the moment.

The pair play husband and wife as crime-scene cleaners, but solving mysteries with more flair than the cops -so it soon becomes a business on the side. Get ready for all sorts of bizarre corpse scenes…

At home the couple is surrounded by a period home full of collectibles and Australiana, adding a quirky sense of character to the show.   And while it might be easy to think of them as the next Hart to Hart, these two are far less romantic.

Mr & Mrs Murder is co-created by Micallef and FremantleMedia producer Jason Stephens (The King, Choir of Hard Knocks, Devil’s Dust, Better Man), and unlike a number of the murder mysteries we’ve seen lately, this one remains firmly contemporary.

Promos are already screening on TEN for the show that is expected to air early in 2013.

And we love a set visit that is walking distance from the TV Tonight office!


  1. Have seen the trailer online for this and really looking forward to it….This might just be the show to make viewers return to watching TEN and for TEN to build the network around. Get a Micallef Live show happening and a good breakfast show….and TEN could be on their way back.

    Ten need to invest in programs targeting their loyal 30’s+ viewers.

  2. Looking forward to this. I love anything Shaun does and he and Kat were fantastic in Newstopia. A question David, is the Jason Stevens mentioned the same Jason Stevens from The Late Show in the ’90s?

  3. Maybe this show will allow people to switch on TEN where people haven’t done so in a while…. (like myself) & could this show do favours for the much needed network…. time will tell, Shaun is great- they should also use him for a rove style show like ‘Shaun Micallef Live’, it’s what the newtork needs.

  4. I am generally excited for this show. Kat Stewart shines in Offspring and I think Shaun Micallef may suit a more scripted show. Hopefully the promotion is good for this show cause I can see it doing very well here.

  5. I saw the trailer last night and it looked like fun, and the kind of thing Australia doesn’t do much of but I wish they did, so I will be tuning in for sure.

    I notice there’s a passingly similar premise of Crime Scene Cleaning in the US web show Dirty Work.

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