Rafters house passed in at auction

The house in Riverview St. Concord used in Packed to the Rafters was passed in at auction.

The “home of Julie and Dave Rafter” has been passed in at auction.

The house in Riverview St. Concord used for exterior shots in Packed to the Rafters was passed in after a bid of $1.18m on Saturday, falling short of expectations of about $1.3m.

The three bedroom bungalow is now in negotiation for a sale at around $1.2m.

Maybe they should have had Michael Caton there from Hot Property to lend a hand?

News Limited reports filming will wrap for the year on December 21st and that the cast has not been told of any future plans.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, Season 6 has 12 episodes, down from 22 in Season 5.

But Seven also has another 12 from S5 it is yet to air, giving Seven the equivalent of a full season to air in 2013.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more @Guy. Channel 7 putting the show on hiatus twice. I am a fan of this show and wish they would just show it. As said it will probably be dragged over 2 year, that’s if isn’t put on hiatus again for some other show.

  2. Seven are morons. This is the #1 Australian Drama by far and they continue to hold episodes back and continually deny viewers what they want, their favourite show. All i can hope for is Seven airs the entire 24 episodes that remain in 2013. The show deserves that but i have a feeling we will get 12 in 2013 and the final chapter in 2014.

  3. Being a Concordian, that price for that house should’ve been above reserve. Other houses in the street got more because they are newer houses, not a knock down job.

    Above $1.2m? Tell ’em they’re dreaming!

  4. Am hoping PTTR will air continuously from s5 part 2 through to the end of S6 and to fit both Winners and Losers and PTTR on the Tuesday time slot either show some doubles of Rafters or have both shows on 8:30-10:30 for a few weeks as an overlap to make sure both fit within the 2013 rating season.
    Please listen Network 7!!!

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