Returning: American Idol

2012-12-21_0103American Idol returns to TEN on January 17, after several years of screening on Foxtel.

TEN’s right to exercise its license for the show caught Foxtel unawares -it had previously touted the show as part of its 2013 line-up.

But TEN has swooped on the show with judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and ex-Voice judge, Keith Urban.

So far TEN’s promos are whipping up the hyperbole referring to Urban as “Australia’s favourite son” and “the world’s biggest show.”

TEN will fast-track the series premieres 7:30pm Thursday 17 Jan and continues 8:30pm Friday 18, just hours after the US.


  1. The ads did mention American Idol will be on at 7.30pm Thursday and 8.30pm Friday to anyone interested. Even if David mentions it in a future article. Plus I’m glad there wasn’t an embargo.

    I’m curious did you see the ads while watching Ten David? Because I assume you get to watch them like a normal viewer. Unlike the stuff you sometimes review.

  2. Are TEN planning to bring back Australian Idol ? The American version will not rate much here lucky if 80,000 people even watch it.

    It may boost it’s Friday night audience share but very slightly.

  3. I reckon 10 are gearing up for Aus Idol for second half of year if this is mildly successful.

    I also think these shows are putting more emphasis on judges who clash because it livens up 90 minutes of sometimes pretty ordinary talent.

    Lets face it 10 could do worse than Idol and they have proven that.

  4. I enjoyed keith urbans judging on the voice so I am open to checking it out. Being a huge tennis fan and not a huge fan of seeing the audition stage of idol (just don’t see the point of watching the duds) it may not get my immediate attention.

  5. I don’t know why Ten is making such a bid deal about American Idol this time. Last time they had it I remember it got dumped to Saturday afternoons to die.

  6. Detest faux-reality myself but I think it’s a good move by Ten. Ten is in far too weak a position to spoil something like The Voice; this is simply about Ten trying to regain some ground and kicking off 2013 with a bump, and hoping that people will watch some other shows.

  7. Being a US talent show – Honestly I could not care less. We have enough of these that are Australian – Why do we need an American one.

    But maybe if it works – Australian Idol might make a comeback. I do miss Australian Idol. I enjoyed it a few years ago when TEN thought “Big Event” television. Idol, Rove, AFL, Loser, Big Brother….Seems a long time ago now!

  8. Should be interesting- looking forward to watching this, is a smart move by TEN for a change! hopefully this might allow viewers to possibly start believing in TEN again and they better not keep changing timeslots on this show otherwise viewers may tune out. I also think and have a feeling that if this series does well they might be re-introducing Australian Idol with a fresh new look with International Judges etc. I have to admit this now will be the second show I’ll be watching on TEN…still has alot of work to do though.

  9. @bettestreep2008 – It is all about how they edit MKR.Little Miss Cupcake is all I have seen so far in the promos… are they marketing this show to teens or adults ?

    Seven has brilliantly captured the heart tugging emotional element of reality shows that viewers devour.. – What about Beauty and the Geek etc I disagree. All Seven is good at is editing to make people look like villians etc on cooking shows.

  10. bettestreep2008

    The only reason Ten is doing this is to ruin Nine’s The Voice.

    They are thinking that after American Idol the viewers would be tied of reality music shows and will not be interested in The Voice.

    Won’t work.

    I can also see Master Chef – Professionals being a turkey too.

    Have a look at the promos of MKR. Seven has brilliantly captured the heart tugging emotional element of reality shows that viewers devour.

    MC-Professionals focuses purely on a ‘famous’ professional chef who is downright scary and very unappealing.

    Sadly for viewers, it looks like 2013 will be even more reality shows and not much else.

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