Roadblock on Amazing Race Australia renewal

It won an International Emmy Award for activeTV and was praised by viewers and critics alike, but what is the future for The Amazing Race Australia?

After just two seasons the show seems to have sunk quickly in Seven’s eyes, failing to win an endorsement at the network’s recent Upfronts.

Meanwhile Seven got excited about a return for The Mole -but does it come at the expense of Race?

A call-out for new contestants took place in August, but presumably all those applications are gathering dust while the network tries to make up its mind.

Last month Seven’s Director of Production Brad Lyons, said of the Emmy win: ”We are absolutely over the moon that an Australian production has received such recognition at an international level. Our congratulations to each and every member of the team.”

But yesterday a Seven spokesperson still couldn’t confirm a renewal, telling TV Tonight, “No decision until early next year. It’s on the drawing board and a much loved format.”

In a recent TV Tonight poll 68% of viewers voted YES for the show to be renewed, and 24% voted NO. This week it also received 2 AACTA Awards nominations.

Maybe it’s another format a rival network could swoop upon if Seven doesn’t want the show?


  1. It seems a pretty simple equation to me. Expensive budget + poor ratings = cancellation.

    An international Emmy is something judged by industry insiders and not in ratings or commercial terms.

  2. @ Darcy09 TAR OZ didn’t rate ad well on a different day and time! 7 stuffed about with the beginning and showed it much later than the previous year!

  3. The Amazing Race is co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer’s production company for Disney, and comes to Seven as part of its output deal with Disney. Given Bruckheimer also produces the CSI franchise (which Nine has the local rights to), if Seven doesn’t want TAR then Nine may pick it up.
    @FrostyWinnipeg: you may be interested to know that CTV will produce the Canadian version of TAR, called The Amazing Race: Canada, in 2013.

  4. It would be a disappointment if the show was cancelled. As a viewer from across the pond in Canada I rather enjoyed season 2. Much better then season 1. Grant loosening up a bit helped. Renew TAROZ!

  5. It would be a very expensive and difficult to produce show wouldnt it? They would need to have multiple production crews constantly moving around the world to keep up and ahead with the teams.

  6. @catherine – exactly what I was thinking. They waste money (probably not much, but still) on shows like Please Marry my Boy, Beauty & the Geek, etc which is just mindless drivel and neglect a show like TARA that actually teaches viewers a thing or two whilst entertaining. Just goes to show…

  7. Actually, if TEN can get the rights to this, and obtain the same production/editing crew then this could be a winner for their Sunday 7.30pm slot. It will be up against 60 Mins and Border Security, so it would be a great point of difference, family viewing and a major title which they are in need of.
    I remember TEN had a show called ‘The $20 Challenge’ back in 2001 where contestants travelled overseas on $20, and the winner was an unknown at the time called James Mathison!

  8. It will be funny if Seven don’t renew the show for a 3rd season & Channel Nine picks it up. Then you will have The Aussie version airing on Nine & the US version on Seven.

  9. So they might drop the amazing race but we will get a show where the mothers pick there daughters formal dresses. Give me a break. The amazing race Australia has been great and it should come back.

  10. The way Seven treats the US Amazing Race gives a clear indication of how they feel about the show. It makes no sense to treat the US version like crap with ridiculous timeslots and shuffling day/times, and then expect loyal viewers for an Aussie version.

    I’d love to see another season, but Seven are hopeless. Perhaps Ten could nab it. It’s actually an show that may work for them.

  11. There was very little product placement in TARA. so that would be a huge turnoff for 9 & ten. it’s hard to see how the show can be profitable with its huge production costs and bad ratings. This is exactly what screen Australia should be for. i’d rather my taxes go into another season of TARA than another foxtel drama that no one will watch.

  12. I never watched a great deal of The Mole, so I cannot really remember the format. I will be watching it though next year.
    They need to bring back the Amazing Race too. Perhaps one show for each half of the year??
    I think due to Seven’s timeslot bumping and rushed finale week, the ratings were not as high as they wanted, but what do they expect??

  13. I absolutely loved the first two seasons and it would be a poor business decision by Seven not to renew it based on its reception. In regards to a rival buying the format, I don’t think TEN would be able to produce it at the same standard as Seven so Nine are the only alternative, but their Australian reality content is fairly full. Will be interesting to see what happens…

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