Seven mini series secures INXS back catalogue

Seven's mini series has exclusive collaboration with INXS and full access to their archive of music.

With several INXS biographies on the cards for the big and small screen it was always going to be the project that landed the band’s back catalogue that became the front-runner.

The Shine / Seven miniseries Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS has confirmed it has exclusive collaboration with the band and full access to the INXS archive of music, photography and stories. There are two other unrelated INXS projects in development for the big screen.

The two part Seven mini series, which becomes Shine Australia’s first scripted project, will concentrate on the six members of the band “and the artistic and emotional relationship at the heart of INXS, that of Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss. It will trace their incredible rise to the top of the international charts – ten albums, thousands of concerts, the unforgettable, headline show at Wembley stadium and the bitter aftermath of dealing with the loss of Michael Hutchence. It promises an authentic, behind the scenes look at what really happened – childhood mates from Sydney who were once the biggest rock and roll band in the world – beyond the music, the lights and the roar of a sell-outcrowd.”

“Aside from the drama and appearances by actors playing Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Bono and Paula Yates, the remarkable music of INXS will be at the heart of the series. From raw beginnings on the northern beaches of Sydney to 100,000 fans at Rock in Rio and the tragic news of Michael Hutchence’s death in 1997, Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS will relive some of INXS’s most seminal moments. And the viewer will be front row centre.”

It is executive produced by Mark Fennessy and Rory Callaghan with band manager CM Murphy as Co-Executive Producer.

Mark Fennessy said: “This is a truly special project for us. There is no doubt the life of INXS is a compelling and extraordinary one and together with our partners Seven Network, Screen Australia plus contributions from Chris and the band we will tell the real story – true to the phenomenon, to the era and of course to INXS with all the very best and very worst moments. It will be an emotional, uplifting, must see television event for INXS fans and the Australian public alike.

“There is a real buzz within the Scripted market in Australia and I’m proud that Shine is part of that. We’re about great storytelling and this is the first of some exciting announcements for us in Scripted content.”

CM Murphy said: “The world has been begging for this story to be told for decades, so to be able to work again with my friends Brad Lyons at Seven and Shine’s Mark Fennessy, gives me great comfort – knowing only the highest quality will hit the screens. Like with all things INXS, I look forward to creating television history – it is going to be a wild and exciting ride!”

Tim Farriss said: “People have been talking about the lives and times of INXS constantly for years, often getting the facts wrong, speculating on various issues andasking for TV and film rights. It seems that, finally, good people who we trust to do us justice and actually involve us in the project will finally happen. So we are very excited, proud and to be honest a little nervous about helping with a truly fascinating story about our band INXS. We have always felt there is so much to tell about the life and times of INXS that if this were to happen, it should be an accurate portrayal of the ‘facts’. It certainly will evoke every emotion to all involved, from ‘us to the viewer’. Although it may be a hard thing to watch for some of us, I can’t wait!”

Brad Lyons, Director of Network Production, Seven said: “Few Aussie bands have touched music fans around the world like INXS. Their massive success at home and abroad is a truly great Australian story worth telling and worth celebrating. This is a remarkable chapter in our music history and Seven is thrilled to be bringing the real story to Australian homes.”

Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS will be filmed in Melbourne in 2013.

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