Airdate: Fast Forward: Funniest Send-Ups

2013-01-30_1101Is “Hunch” about to make a TV comeback? Possibly….

While Derryn Hinch is now part of the Seven Network, his alter-ego once played by Steve Vizard could be popping up on ONE.

From Thursday night ONE will be screening Fast Forward: Funniest Send-Ups.

The Seven sketch show ran from 1989 to 1992 and is still lauded as one of our all-time funniest sketch shows. The cast was a who’s who of comedians: Magda Szubanski, Gina Riley, Jane Turner, Michael Veitch, Peter Moon, Marg Downey, Steve Vizard, Glenn Robbins, Eric Bana and more…

The parodies the show put together were ruthless, tackling everything from The Flintstones, I Dream of Jeannie and Doctor Who to Home and Away, Are You Being Served? and Skippy.

Artist Services was later bought out by Granada which has since become ITV Studios Australia.

ONE begins with two episodes tomorrow night, 9:30pm Thursday January 31st.


  1. @cleavy: Channel Ten ran a similar compilation of Fast Forward skits in the late 90s. Someone at Ten must have found a dusty tape behind the filing cabinet and thought we’ll play this on One! :))

    I imagine Ten/One have just picked up the rights for a bargain from Grenada’s back catalogue?

  2. ONE should have a Classic Aussie Comedy night, there is so much from over the years they could air, thinking of even recent but still a while back things like, Ronnie Johns, The Wedge, would be great if they could get Comedy Inc and shows from the other channels.

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