Airdate: Making Couples Happy

2013-01-28_0057Next month ABC premieres a follow-up to its series Making Australia Happy.

Making Couples Happy tests the secrets to a happy relationship. Is it great sex? Never arguing? Keeping peace with the in-laws?

The four part series is narrated by David Wenham.

Four ordinary Australian couples embark on a confronting and challenging eight week journey to happiness and relationship fulfillment. The couples range in age from their 20s to 50s, and the issues they face include sex, intimacy, parenting and work/life balance. For some, it’s their last chance before possible separation.

They’re guided by two experts – clinical psychologist, John Aiken, and counselor/sex therapist, Desiree Spierings – and receive additional help from mind/body expert, Anna-Louise Bouvier. Together, the teams apply the latest in relationship science to the couples. Every two weeks, they are evaluated and scored (using scientifically validated methodology) to determine their happiness levels.

Through group sessions, interventions, and powerful, scientifically-proven techniques, the couples confront toxic communication styles, attempt to rekindle their attraction, break through emotional barriers that have impeded their relationships for decades, and learn surprising and confronting truths about their sex lives. Intimate, filmed counseling sessions track their progress.

Research shows that it’s possible to reinvigorate even the unhappiest relationships in only two months. But will the science deliver when it’s put to the test with real Australian couples in their day-to-day lives?

Over the course of this four-part series, the couples will be pushed to their emotional limits – and beyond. As long buried resentments come to the surface, and entrenched behaviours are challenged, will the couples succeed in their goal of a happier relationship, or will some decide that true happiness lies apart from one another?

Backed by experts in the study of relationship psychology, the series offers valuable, take-home information for viewers, which will allow every Australian to improve the happiness of their relationship.

Starts 8:30pm Thursday February 14 ABC1.


  1. John Aiken from this series was on nightlife on abc last week talking about “the science of relationships”.

    ABC nightlife podcast link

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