Can of Worms goes Live to Air

Chrissie+Swan+to+host+Can+of+WormsGreat to hear that Can of Worms will be airing Live to Air in 2013!

I advocated for this from episode one and now the show with host Chrissie Swan and Dan Ilic will be flying with no safety net, which should give it even more reason to watch.

The show will also be broadcast from Melbourne, due to Swan’s radio commitments and impending motherhood.

As well as enjoying a stronger lead in from MasterChef, Can of Worms has also benefitted from Zeebox’s ability to incorporate audience input. It’s the perfect show for giving instant feedback.

Can of Worms returns to TEN in February.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    If they arent freaking out about it being live than it will be good, however as Mr. J hinted at if they freak out and self censor themselves then it will not be as good as it could be and then they should just stick with the taped and edited version. I will pass judgment on it after the first episode airs. The only beef i have is withthe scheduling it being last year on a Monday night similar time to Q and A which was Live on News 24.

  2. I think this is one of Ten’s great shows (which I don’t watch Ten much) I find this show enjoyable and fun to watch- always guaranteed a laugh. Chrissie is a great host and you can see her personality shine.

  3. cynical old codger

    @ Mr.J
    ‘Live’ in TV world, does not necessarily mean Unrehearsed lead-ins, pre-recorded simply means rehearsed and editted, and sort of still negates true spontaneity, by selecting only the spontaneous good bits, and can actually be more enjoyable if done with some respect of viewer IQ’s

    Oh No not live please!…… but if it is to be “truely” live for more than only a couple of screenings(my prediction), I dread the thought of the ratings slipping and with Ten’s desparation, combined Chrissie Swan’s “will to win another Logie”, could we be faced with a live Kardashian type birth version titled a “Can of Wombs”(no offence to Chriisie and any pregnant mum intended)

  4. Good news…

    It never edited well…when pre recorded. Live will use social media better and Chrissie will perform better knowing its live…..cause everthing else she has ever done has been live. It’s a good show and great format…Going live will bake it even better.

  5. Terrible terrible terrible, that time they tried it last year was an absolute failure. The panelists are way too careful about what they say when it cannot be edited out. And telling them they only have 1min to speak before they need to go to an ad break, they never get to say what they really wanted.

    When it’s pre recorded it allows everyone to be more relaxed, spontaneous, and natural. And the editing means it is moulded into a well structured and good flowing hour. Much better way of doing tv.

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