Can we see Tim Minchin in Californication, please?

Video: Check out Tim Minchin in Californication here, because you won't be seeing it on ELEVEN anytime soon.

Aussie Tim Minchin’s acting debut on Californication began in the US this week, but Australia could be waiting for some time to see it.

ELEVEN still hasn’t finished Season Five yet, randomly pulled off air in 2012.

Minchin plays a (British) rock musician Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin) who expresses interest in creating a Broadway musical based on a novel from Hank (David Duchovny).

After Minchin’s casting was announced last year you would have thought the network would be ready to seize upon the local opportunity.

In the US the season premiere was up a whopping 41 percent from last season’s launch.

But ELEVEN advised it has no immediate plans to screen Season Six.

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  1. If he’s meant to play a Brit, he’s doing it badly, with a total Aus accent in the first episode.

    Season 5 wasn’t helped by easily being the worst and lamest season of the series, as they cut down on Hank’s sex scenes, but if Eleven are so obsessed with ratings, they could screen season 5 in double episodes at an 11 pm timeslot to lead up to season 6, which Aus viewers would be seeing by their usual means.

    We’re also way behind with White Collar, then Ten had on One, shifted to Ten, then took it off.

  2. If this bumping stuff happened in a business situation, the programmer would be fired. Californication and Nurse jackie should be bought out Nine and played through GEM or GO. This is why some people rip!

  3. Is it due to classification issues like Pertinax positted in the TV Lounge?

    With the season 5 DVD being available locally, I don’t hold out much hope of Eleven playing it. It would probably rate okay behind American Horror Story.

  4. It beggars belief that Ten/Eleven don’t see this as an opportunity to cash in on Minchin’s current popularity (and he’s an Aussie, too).

    With the number of people that keep asking about the rest of S5 and whether S6 will be shown, you would have thought that they could find 30 mins in their schedule but they’d rather repeat the crap that nobody watched first time around; eg two eps of Being Bingle last night (which I think has already been repeated but wasn’t paying attention).

    Is anybody that understands television still working at Ten?

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