Gone: The New Normal

TEN has pulled The New Normal again, for yet another Modern Family repeat.

2013-01-16_1801TEN has pulled The New Normal from the schedule once again.

No longer screening at 9pm next Monday night, it is now replaced by yet another Modern Family repeat. That means two replays from 8:30pm.

This week The New Normal pulled 205,000 viewers.

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  1. There are only a few US shows that live viewers like and bother to watch. And if they like the show and its characters, and it doesn’t have much of an arc, they will watch the repeats over and over again. Up until the point where they suddenly get sick of it and the rating crash.

    House is a classic example. Its ratings went from a million to a couple of hundred thousand after 6 1/2 seasons once House and Cuddy hooked up.

    The networks are just screening what the audience watches. Consistently screening something live viewers don’t want to watch will shrink not grow your audience.

    Scheduling and consistency don’t mean anything if you don’t have shows that live viewers will watch.

  2. @TasTVcameraman – I agree. How hard is it to actually inform your audience about what’s happening with programs? Is it because the networks don’t want to give the impression that some aspects of their schedules are out of their control? It’s not like Ten look like they’re much in control of theirs anyway.

    @tvf – Modern Spamily has for some time now been Ten’s TBBT. However, it’s not without some justification as it also seems pretty resistant to viewer fatigue; ie fans will rewatch an re-rewatch eps over and over.

  3. @ph
    Maybe they have a strategy. To play new eps over the ratings period while the US is on a break. Why can’t they just leave it running until the non ratings period is finished. With MC: The Proffesisonals it will have a great lead in.

  4. Not so long ago Ten mentioned that a consistent schedule was key to getting people back. Never happened. Gone after one ep was White Collar, lots of repeats of Boring Lara Bingle, L&O SVU, Cops and Modern Family. So much new content sitting quietly waiting to fill Ten One and 11. Saw this happening and have since watched else where. I hate the fact that I have to do this but it drives you crazy. Consistent in its inconsistency.

  5. Ten are becoming like channel nine. Channel nine uses the big bang theory to fill gaps and ten is using modern family to do the same thing. I used to watch the new episodes of modern family but now with so many reruns around I don’t make the effort anymore.

  6. I only even started watching this show because I heard the guy from White Collar, another show 10 has ditched, was going to guest star in an episode. Do they have something against Matt Bomer? Really getting pissed of at some networks at the moment. Ch 9 has put cycling on instead of the Survivor finale next week. I mean WTF!!!!!!! Like we haven’t had to wait long enough. It finished in the US before Christmas.

  7. Yet another repeat, if they keep on going like this it will become another unwatchable channel like the “Big Bang Theory” channel.

    Wake up TEN, put some of the shows you have got like “White Collar” on at 8.30, and start it from the beginning as we have lost track of the episodes now.

    Why cant the Channels say ” we are resting xxx because of this happening in America, xxx will resume from xxxx ” That way they are keeping faith with viewers, That would be great, but the TV Channels do not care about the viewers.

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