Hawaii Five-0: Choose your own ending

2013-01-23_1859On Monday February 4th TEN will screen the Hawaii Five-0 episode “Kapu” which consists of alternate endings, selected by the audience.

The plot sees three suspects involved in the death of a student at O’ahu State University: the boss / the teachers assistant / the student.

Viewers will be able to select one of the three endings in various states, meaning some viewers may watch a different ending depending on where they live.

Voting will take place at ten.com.au/hawaii50 before the episode airs, and for the first 30 minutes of broadcast at that address and on zeebox.

The three different endings will also be available at ten.com.au/hawaiifive0.htm

Having different endings screen in different states, as per their local timezones, should result in a bit of spirited fun. Which state will choose which ending?


  1. Lost only had one ending. The produces considered several ideas but they were not made. They were just speculated on to stop spoilers and generate some publicity.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Well, I am surprised that Ten are doing this but good on them.

    “…just under 2/3 of people who vote are going to be pissed off because they didn’t get the ending they wanted to see.”
    – that must be what happened with Lost, only I didn’t get to hear about voting for the different endings.

  3. L&O: Criminal Intent did this a few years ago with the Nicole Wallace [Olivia d’Abo] character.Towards the end of the ep you got to choose if she survives or dies.From memory the Yanks had her survive while the Aussies illed her off.

  4. It is a silly idea. These interactive storytelling gimmicks always fail. A story must be written so that the plot leads to the denouement.

    You have a story with 3 possible endings, and if you vote you have to know them all before you get one. Or you are donkey voting.

    So anyone who participates is spoiled, and just under 2/3 of people who vote are going to be pissed off because they didn’t get the ending they wanted to see.

  5. carolemorrissey

    I was reading the Tweets as it aired in the US, but not sure if they picked the same ending. Didn’t realise they would do that here too, I thought we would just get the one that they picked.

  6. Waiting for an Aussie drama (say Mr & Mrs Murder) to copy this idea now, but screen the 3 alternate endings over the main channel & secondary channels simultaneously

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