Life’s Too Short to wrap with special

Ricky Gervais is not quite done with Life's Too Short, confirming a special to wrap up the storylines.

2013-01-15_1814Ricky Gervais is not quite done with Life’s Too Short, confirming a special to wrap up the storylines.

The HBO / BBC comedy created by and starring Warwick Davis as a diminutive actor unable to revive his career, also featured Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

After running for seven episodes it didn’t attract enough buzz for a second season.

Merchant is already working on a new comedy series for HBO, Hello Ladies, and Gervais has a series about a nursing home worker, Derek.

Last year Gervais also announced An Idiot Abroad ending with two more specials and the end for animated series The Ricky Gervais Show.

Source: Deadline

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  1. @Jennome – I know it can be hard to keep upo with everything when David’s not on hiatus but ‘Life’s Too Short’ was reviewed here shortly before it was first shown (tvtonight.com.au/2012/06/lifes-too-short.html).

  2. When Gervais was on Graeme Norton a couple of weeks back he mentioned that Warwick is in the next series of “An Idiot Abroad” along with Carl.

    So we can still get off fix of the little man.

  3. A great show, if a little cringy. Did the ABC show all 7 episodes? We only read about it a few weeks ago, so I guess we’ve missed most of it.

    The various newspaper guides do have their uses, we’d never heard of it until written up in one of The Age’s guides. EPGs don’t really cut it in this respect. You need recommendations to visit the more obscure programs.

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