Liz Hurley snaps at TEN reporter

2013-01-17_1504UK personality Liz Hurley had a go at TEN sports reporter Caty Price yesterday after a silent Shane Warne declined to comment on his latest cricketing kerfuffle.

“We were out at the airport to ask Shane about the game and the latest charge that he’s facing. As you can imagine he was pretty tight-lipped coming in,” Price told Radio 6PR.

“Obviously he didn’t say much, Liz then walked into the back of me, clipped my heels, said ‘Don’t you know that it’s rude to stand in front of people?’ Fair enough, and I then asked her, ‘Liz what did you think, what did you think of the game last night?

“She’s then spun around on her heels, said ‘I think you should…’ mouthed close up to me, up to my face ‘eff off’ and then done another spin and flick of the hair and strutted off with Shane.”

A TEN spokesperson advised, “We can confirm TEN reporter Caty Price was verbally abused by Liz Hurley at Perth airport this morning.”

Source: WA Today 


  1. Funny how neither of the “attention whores” tweeted about the incident,too scared of the backlash me thinks.
    What has Hurley actually done in the last decade that was at least memorable?

  2. If those blaming the reporter actually watch the entire footage they will see Hurley is about 3 metres behind Warne & Price and deliberately makes a beeline to barge between them.

    Someone who’s been in the public eye as long as Hurley has should know better. The tedious attention grabbing melodrama the pair play out on a daily basis is ridiculous. Time for Warne to retire and head off to tend to Hurley’s goats.

  3. Im on the reporters side. Warne was one of the faces of the big bash, he is happy to speak out about everything and she had every right to ask him questions about the game.

    This wasn’t a reporter asking about there relationship or personal life. It was about sport.

    From the sounds of it Liz has prior form behaving this way.

  4. @Craigy

    Have you seen the footage? When Caty asked Shane questions Liz was hanging back, she walked through Caty twice. There was no need for her to be involved at all, aside from the last question asked after Liz walked through her the second time, all questions were directed at Shane, and they were about cricket.

  5. Ok yes media scrums can be annoying. But from what I understand, this was one reporter, who was only chasing Shane for a grab. You can clearly see Liz walk up and purposely get in the reporters way.

    You can also see the smile on Caty’s face afterwards because she knew the viral video gold she’d just scored! lol

  6. I can’t blame Liz either but that said she has been in the business long enough to know this was going to make headlines.

    I don’t know who to feel more sorry for Liz, Warne or the reporter 😆

  7. I think Liz went too far. Lots of other sporting people have been stopped by reporters at the airport. Liz and Warnie make their life so public on twitter, yet when Caty went to ask some cricket questions she gets abused.

  8. I don’t blame Liz Hurley. These annoying reporters ask the most inane questions (which is about all they can do on the run, I suppose). And news editors expect them to get some grand revelation in these situations. Whatever they do get, it’s about 5 seconds worth.

    What an embarrassment these people are.

  9. She is lucky Liz didn’t punce her one. I’m no Hurley fan but you can’t just go up to someone, walk in front of them, stick a microphone in their face and start asking them personal questions. Them she complains she was abused! What gall.

  10. I am sorry but the footage showed Liz Hurley adorned with sunglasses walking into the reporter, then hurling abuse! We don’t need this type of person on our screens!

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