1. @kushkook – There’s no room on air for mistakes that are silly, lazy, seen by millions, and deserve to be ridiculed. Just as Media Watch does so well.

  2. @kushkook Lighten up. All the networks make mistakes and some are worth a laugh. If you want to be serious though, maybe this might help shame then into investing in spell check.

    • If you look at post one on day one six years ago you’ll see I promised a sense of fun in an industry that’s too serious too often. Most of these are titled with an “Oops” for good reason. They are part of a mix of stories that wander from light to serious, original to aggregated, snarky to championing the industry. But your protest is noted.

  3. Whatever happened to real meteorologists doing the weather, not some chump or chumpette who doesn’t know the difference between an isobar and a wind vane, that is just reading an autocue?

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