1. timmydownawell

    Whoever does the weather graphics for Seven in Sydney has a lack of attention to detail. The day’s maximum temperature is randomly shown as x.xxAM where it clearly should be PM. Happens fairly frequently and has done so for a long time now.

  2. 7, 9 and 10 are all guilty of typos or caption stuff ups although my favourite was back in 2000 and at the opening of Olympic Sunrise there were Andrew Daddo and Johanna Griggs with the captions “Name” “Name” at the bottom of the screen! A screen capture was circulating online at the time, a google search will probably find it.

    Then Ten tried to get us to watch “Malcom In The Middle” a few years back.

    Surprised none of this is spell checked or they don’t have some sort of template for frequently aired shows like Modern Family instead of having to re-type them manually?

  3. My all time favourite (not that I’ve seen a whole lot of epic fail typos) would be a promo in primetime for the show Pawn Stars….you can probably guess what the typo was. 😉

    I lol’d.

  4. How do these blantantly obvious stuff-ups get past so many eyes before they get to air?
    Like on Nine’s 3pm “news” on Tues. “Diane Saywer” – looked a lot like Diane Sawyer.

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