Polite Marco Pierre cuts short “rude” radio interview

2013-01-16_1935MasterChef mentor Marco Pierre White cut short an interview with Adelaide’s Triple M breakfast team after a joke about him being a ‘rude prick’ on TEN’s ads.

Former Sydney Swan Dale “Louie” Lewis asked about his three marriages: “Hey mate, married three ties, was (sic) the first wives dismissed, for want of a better word, cause they can’t cook, or didn’t like your cooking? Is that an issue with them?”

“I just think of myself as being a lucky man that I found three women who wanted to marry me,” White tactfully answered.

But Lewis responded with: “Yeah, cos if you’re the rude prick you come across on TV I wouldn’t be there long either. That’s just me surmising what I’ve seen on TV.”

White then wrapped things up very quickly.

“I think you should say good morning to me, and good bye, because one, I take offense to being called thatI haven’t shown you disrespect, I haven’t been rude to you. I don’t like being called that word. I’m very sorry,” he said.

“Well, I apologise Marco. I was just trying to have some fun,” Lewis replied.

White accepted the apology.

“Your apology is accepted. Rudeness is not having fun when it is at the expense of another person. You’re a very rude man. And I hope your mother’s not listening to this show today because she would not be proud of her son. Have a nice day, bye bye.”

Lewis’ remarks were clearly not the way to talk to a guest, but I do understand the reference.

I’ve maintained every since seeing the first MasterChef ads with Marco Pierre White that his demeanour as a tough task-master shouting across the kitchen at frazzled chefs is better suited to Hell’s Kitchen than the MasterChef brand.

Australia fell in love with the show at a time when bullying judges were everywhere in Reality TV and it was a show that embraced its aspirants. Frankly, I don’t really want to watch someone shouting at me every night of the week.

White recently told me his approach to kitchen “service” differed from his more supportive mentorship outside of service, and he was nothing but charming at the time I met him.

I just wish those ads had showed more of that than the “rude prick.”

Time will tell if it was the right way to go…

Source: news.com.au


  1. When appointing these dolts, it seems that media executives are confusing rudeness and exuberance for humour and talent. Why else would TV and radio be so overloaded with loud-mouthed presenters and announcers who are devoid of charisma and respect?

  2. I am a huge MC fan – but I am afraid I will not be watching this series. From what I have already seen in previous episodes of MC that have featured Mr White it is not a form of entertainment I enjoy. I am, however, embarrassed as a South Australian for the behavior detailed above by the radio station (gave up on all radio last year, except RN breakfast) but this is what one can expect from this particular branch of radio’s content. Mr White’s conduct throughout was above reproach and highly dignified.

    On a rather semi-related note – I am looking forward to “Australia’s Great Bake Off” on channel 9 (hardly never watch 9). I think this is what most viewers want – food they like and can re-create at home. I am over the “dry ice/science” type of cooking that is increasingly featured on MC (yes, I know it is called Master Chef). But really – who is into that stuff? Then again, us Stepford’s like baking!

  3. I think in the latest round of MC promos we are seeing another side if Marco. I’m guessing this was a strategy of ten’s to show us the the tougher and demanding Marco and now the encouraging.
    I think he handled himself with grace when treated rudely. What does his wives have to do with anything anyway?

  4. Good on him for walking out, there is no need for such disrespect.
    There could have been kids listening and older people who don’t want to hear that sort of language which was unneccessary and rude.

  5. TasTVcameraman

    Secret Squirrel ..I agree. These “shock Jocks” and the largely predictable inane behaviour makes you wonder where the real DJ’s are ?

    Half the time they do not announce the music, which is the same as being broadcast everywhere else, and I wonder if they know anything about demographics, Australia’s population is getting older, and this is why a lot of the older members of our communities are switching on community radio, as it is playing music relevant to them.

    Anyway, I also agree with the ads being the wrong type of image, we would want to tune in for. Can TEN get anything right. The promos are wrong, they should cross plug all the nights programmes at the same time on all channels, ans use that decidely awful “Couch Time” to inform people, sometimes it is good, usually and mainly just awful bad TV !

  6. He shouldn’t have to tolerate that, but he’s set himself up for a fall. He’ll be crucified by the tabloid media for hypocrisy every time he does anything other than smile.

  7. I agree with Belinda – I have not seen anything in any of the Masterchef ads that portrays Marco in a negative light. Some of the more recent ones are the exact opposite. As others have stated, there was no need to get that personal and Dale Lewis got a more polite response than he deserved.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    There was only one rude prick in this interview. The fatuous self-absorbed jocks that infest Australian commercial FM radio are one of the three reasons that I haven’t listened to any for a very long time. (The other two reasons are the god-awful ads and the bland oh-so-safe oh-so-same playlists).

  9. jezza the first original one

    I do not think that this forthcoming show will damage the MC brand or is it out of line. The original MC is about giving amateurs/homecooks a chance and nurturing is the right approach. In MC Pro, these are trained chefs, working in the industry with varied experience, so Marco is right to be demanding of them and they should expect ‘feedback’ for poor performance or slack standards. I am looking forward to this show, I think it will be good.

    As for the radio folk, well they are just all second rate, irrelevant, amateur, wanabees. Marco’s put down was firm, classy and decisive, well done mate

  10. Agreed, I think the ads missed the mark on Marco too. I read his story of the weekend, truly rags to riches he is an amazing inspirational man. I think something that showed more that side of him would have been more on brand. I really felt I’d seen that promo many times before delete “Gary & George” insert “Marco”..

  11. Marco Pierre White may or may not be a ‘rude prick’, but that would be a subjective call beyond the intellectual capabilities of a pack of radio announcers. Civility, especially on the Austereo network, is a rare commodity these days and perhaps is a result of a paucity of parental guidance during formative years.

    Well done Chef White. Your Sir, are a gentleman.

  12. I’m not a Masterchef fan, but I found the ads to show him to be formidable and demanding, not at all a “rude prick”. That was completely uncalled for by Lewis.

    I think this is the Masterchef series I am most tempted to try, but I still probably won’t watch due to the time commitment required.

  13. I think White’s been shown being pushy because he knows these ‘professionals’ are capable of better. The industry is not all ‘warm and fuzzes’, the chefs work frikkin’ hard. This interview just assures me Ten cast the captain of this show perfectly.

  14. I’m not a fan of “Masterchef”
    and I’m not really a fan of Mr. White.
    But … if you are interviewing someone like him,
    your research needs to be more about his career & restaurants etc, not his personal life.
    Because it’s none of anyone’s business!
    And when interviewing, you should always be respectful & not offensive!
    I don’t blame him for walking!
    That’s disgraceful!

  15. It’s not rude if your pushing someone to achieve…. tough love as they say. Very rude though from the radio host who clearly doesn’t know Marco or seen any of the show.

  16. I think you are spot on with an observation that 10 are marketing this poorly. We decided early in the ad campaign we won’t be watching (and we do watch masterchef ) as we had no desire to see people being harangued and bullied by a professional chef they see as an idol. Now (after reading this and your previous post) I think it is a misstep and MPW may not be a tyrant. I still think 10 must be planning to edit it as a ball busting, fear inducing master/apprentice relationship and will watch MKR instead.

  17. Are we getting sick of hearing these uninteresting fools that are radio “shock jocks” yet. Most of them are not talented or trained in the this field and try to get a rise out of everyone. I have seen Marco work the kitchen and yes he is strict and commands discipline and respect but he is no Ramsay being a disgusting potty mouth bully.After what happened with the prank call in the UK, one would think that these dumbo’s would be on notice

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