Renewed: Girls

2013-01-27_0031No surprises that HBO has officially announced a third season pick-up of Lena Dunham’s most-excellent comedy, Girls.

The show has received a 12-episode order, up from 10 for the first two seasons.

Executive producer Jenni Konner will return as co-showrunner alongside creator/star/executive producer Dunham.

The duo, who executive produce Girls with Judd Apatow, have assembled a writing team, with Paul Simms replacing Bruce Eric Kaplan as co-executive producer as Kaplan is busy working on his own HBO pilot.

Girls recently won the Golden Globes best comedy seriesand is currently airing its second season, fast-tracked to Showcase.

Source: Deadline


  1. There are plenty of comedies with no laugh track; just because a show doesn’t have one doesn’t mean its automatically great.

    Critics seem to be the only ones who like this. From all the comments from TV blogs I read, most people can’t stand it. I’ve yet to watch it myself, but like others here, a late 20’s guy probably isn’t the right audience for this.

  2. @David Knox that’s interesting you’ve never heard of it being polarizing. That’s all I ever see on TV websites, podcasts ect.

    Often followed by, “so many people who’s tv viewing I respect tell me it’s good, but I just can’t get into it.”

  3. For some reason Hollywood is obsessed with both this show and Lena Dunham so headlines only seem to reflect the positivity, but social media blogs and forums depict a more polarizing story for sure.

    HBO must have a great PR team, cause the Nielsen ratings clearly don’t correlate equally to the amount of press this show receives. But I guess perception of quality or popularity is more important for a premium cable network than actual results since they don’t rely on advertising in the same way.

    But, I’m just being biased. I think the show is utter crap and Lena Dunham is likely the most overrated “talent” that’s surfaced in a long time.

  4. Boy is this show is painful to watch. I guess being a late 20s guy i’m the complete opposite to who it’s targeted at.

    It is interesting how it’s a show people either think is terrible or absolutely love.

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