Returning: Bones

2013-01-30_0031Bones returns to Seven next week on a new night.

It’s back at 8:45pm Thursdays from February 7th.

“The But In The Joke”
A street artist, who is covertly plastering his art on a billboard, falls and lands directly into his own glue – and into human remains. So the team must not only figure out the identity of the remains, but must also find a strategic way to remove the part of the corpse that is till glued to the street artist. Meanwhile, Booth tries his hand at a comedy club’s ‘open mic’ night in order to seek out potential suspects, and Angela’s love of art leads her to become attracted to the street artist.


  1. Downton Abbey will be in Bones’ usual timeslot of 8:30 Sunday where it has been aired since they began scheduling it. Any news on the return of Criminal Minds?

  2. Sorry David,

    I was just referring to your post below mine, where you have listed HIMYM as airing after MKR next Monday.

    It wasn’t my intention to offend.

  3. Hi David,

    Seven is advertising Revenge’s return for Monday February 4 at 8:45 and also this link at the tv programming website confirms this.

    Just thought I’d let you know

  4. TasTVcameraman

    I checked the EPG last night for Monday and after MKR it is TBA, is this where Revenge is supposed to be heading ? which leaves an hour to fill in between 9.45 and 10.45 If they decide to screen “Suits” the last part of Series 2 on Monday night they would probably do that at 10.45 or even later, like they did with the first part of Series 2, There have been 2 episodes of the second part of Series 2, screened in the US so far with a further 4 due to come before Series 3 commences. Or are they going top play a waiting game with their big shows ?

  5. @ Pertinax, Seven are not going to schedule Greys in a 10 45 pm timeslot and Grimm is scheduled to air in the post Bones timeslot as of this week and next.

  6. Interesting. Guess the Bones/Booth hook-up was definitely a shark moment.

    That just leaves the games Channel 7 are playing with Downton Abbey, The Last Resort and their strange silence about Castle to figure out.

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