Returning: NCIS

2013-01-20_0118Season 10 of NCIS returns to TEN next week, with episode 6 “Shell Shock Part One.”

Brad Beyer (Jericho) guest stars as a Marine Captain suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The NCIS team investigates the brutal murder of a navy lieutenant who just returned home from the Middle East, in part one of a two part episode.

When a Navy Lieutenant who recently returned home from the Middle East is found dead from a brutal attack, the NCIS team questions the victim’s friend, Marine Captain Joe Wescott. Gibbs realises the Captain is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but knows his experience overseas may also provide a key link to the crime.

The show returns 8.30pm on Tuesday, January 29.


  1. cynical old codger

    Is that only season 10? or will it be one week of season 10, then followed by repeats from who knows how far back, for who know how many repeats, and occassionally throwing in a much promoted Brand New eposode of season 10 as per usual?

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