Returning: Parenthood. Airdate: Against The Wall

2013-01-21_2347Parenthood is returning to Seven for its fourth season, back on Tuesday nights from next week following Packed to the Rafters.

“Family Portrait”
9:45pm Tuesday January 29
The Braverman family gathers for a family portrait before Haddie departs for college, while Kristina, Adam and Max have a hard time digesting the new change. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel struggle to adjust to their newly adopted son’s behaviour and worry about their family’s future. Newlyweds Jasmine and Crosby disagree on the spiritual beliefs they should teach Jabbar. Mark proves his commitment to Sarah by altering a Braverman tradition, while she attempts to prove her worth as an assistant to photographer Hank Rizzoli.

It will be followed by US drama Against the Wall, which includes Rachael Carpani, Treat Williams and Kathy Baker. It lasted one season of 13 episodes.

10:45pm Tuesday January 29
After several years as a Chicago beat cop, 32 year-old Abby Kowalski is more than ready to be a detective, but the only available opening is in Internal Affairs. The new job causes a huge rift within her close knit, blue-collar family of cops. In this compelling family drama, Abby and her very pregnant new partner, Lina investigate a variety of cases ranging from corruption to narcotics to murder, involving cops and civilians who work for the Chicago Police Department.


  1. Yes I’m loving Parenthood this season and it took me time to warm up to this show. I have watched it on Seven on and off since Season 1. As much as I love it, I have resisted the temptation to download it as I know it’s done in the US now. I just read today on Spoiler TV that it’s looking safe for Season 5, so that’s great.

    I too was wondering where Grey’s Anatomy was going to fit in. As they did have it on Tuesdays; but we only got nine episodes. This is one I do watch online as I have many Grey’s fans who I talk to on Facebook and Twitter and I would get spoiled. But not much gets leaked about Parenthood, let’s hope NBC keep it. It so makes me mad how long Australian networks hold onto these programs for; when are they going to realise we live in 2013, not 1973 with no other choice.

  2. @harrypotter1994

    I meant 9.30pm Tuesday for Grey’s. I thought it might continue there since that’s where the season began at the end of last year. But obviously not, its been replaced by Parenthood.

  3. harrypotter1994

    @alvar Id say Greys and Private Practice are more suited to the lower rating Thursday nights….plus Tuesday has been Aussie Drama in the 8.30pm slot since 2008 and practically wins its slot each week dont think they would change that

  4. Yes there are some great story lines this season, hopefully it will give the morning TV something to talk about.

    Just shame it was a shorter season but it, looks good for a 5th in September in the US. We probably won’t get an answer until the May up-fronts when NBC announces it’s 13/14 plans.

  5. Parenthood is nothing compared to Packed to the Rafters. Maybe Americans can relate to it more.

    I wonder what this means for Grey’s and Private Practice. I had assumed they would remain on Tuesday nights.

  6. Season 4 of Parenthood is brilliant! Definiately one of the best family dramas on the box – its a very emotional rollercoaster this season, but the storylines have been handled beautifully.

  7. With a 9:45pm slot, hopefully 7 will not play any double eps of Parenthood in 2013 – 3 hours of family drama (when added with Raftets) makes for a long & late night

  8. Thanks, this is good news and teaming up with the Rafters can only help Parenthood, just a shame the 4th season final is about 24 hours away and many fans will already be spoiled for much of the seasons events.

    Haven’t even heard of ‘Against the Wall’ 10:45 pm is not a good time to start any show.

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