Returning: Sunday Night, Border Security, The Force.

bordersecSeven returns key brands to its Sunday line-up from this weekend, all with new episodes.

6:30pm Sunday Night
Chris Bath leads a team of Australia’s best reporters, breaking the stories that matter.

7:30pm Border Security
An American college student may be here for a good time but there is strong evidence in his bags that this isn’t the case. Smugglers try to beat Australia’s custom officers but they haven’t accounted for the detector dogs. A young mother tries to bluff her way past officers but they are onto her shocking secret. Narrated by Grant Bowler.

8:00pm The Force
Taking viewers behind the scenes of the often dangerous world of policing in Australia. Hosted by Simon Reeve.

At 8:30pm it will air the Movie: The Holiday (2006) rpt.


  1. I hope Grant Bowler and his show Defiance have success for as many years. As good quality “Real Sci Fi” is lacking on the small screen these days. After seeing the trailer I’m feeling it might be a 1 Season Show. Though I will be a loyal viewer. if I was Grant I wouldn’t give up the Narrating of Border Security just yet. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t call it a free kick. Although not the most original programs, they tend to rate. I would say I hope Sunday Night sees 40 weeks this year and give DWTS an alternate slot.

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