Returning: Top Gear

Season 19 of Top Gear airs on BBC Knowledge, just seven days after the UK transmission.

jerclJeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return with Season 19 of Top Gear, now airing first on BBC Knowledge, just seven days after the UK transmission.

Nine will have Free to Air rights later, but it’s unclear when these will be available.

Homeland‘s Damian Lewis is the first star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

In this series, the boys use the Aston Martin Vanquish, SRT Viper and Lexus LFA on an incredible American road trip that takes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and a race against some fighter planes before ending with a hair raising run to the Mexican border. The trio also create a unique car designed especially for old people, carry out one of Top Gear’s famously thorough road tests on the new Kia Cee’d and race a Shelby Mustang GT500 against a train in order to find the fastest way to get from Britain to Italy in time for a football match.

Also in this series, Jeremy invents the world’s smallest car and tests it out on the streets of London, James finds out what the Bentley Continental GT Speed is like on a rally stage, and Richard reaches eye popping speeds on the test track in the amazing, 720 horsepower Pagani Huayra.

The series wouldn’t be complete without one of Top Gear’s legendary epic journeys in which the presenters attempt to find the source of the River Nile using three rather tired estate cars and a sometimes sketchy knowledge of African geography. Along the way they encounter crocodile infested rivers, suspension snapping terrain and the world’s worst traffic jam. It’s the perfect conclusion to another brilliant series of Top Gear.

Series 19 is the first season of Top Gear to premiere on BBC Knowledge and there is undoubtedly a strong fan base for this popular series. When Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars aired on BBC Knowledge in November 2012, it achieved the highest audience for BBC Knowledge across all people for 2012.

Episode One synopsis: In this first episode, Jeremy attempts to build a car that’s even smaller than the famous Peel P50 and then tests it out on the streets of London before putting his concept to the ultimate test of credibility in the fearsome Dragons’ Den. Meanwhile, James is testing the latest Bentley Continental GT Speed by taking it on a rally stage and Richard is at the test track to unleash the sensational new Pagani Huayra hypercar before handing it over to The Stig for the lap of its lifetime. As if that wasn’t enough, Homeland star Damian Lewis is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

Sunday February 3 at 7:30pm (AEDT) on BBC Knowledge.

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  1. Nine have made such a mockery of the broadcast of this that I doubt many people will wait for it to hit FTA anymore. It still baffles me why they stole it from SBS (who did a marvellous job of bringing the show to Oz), only to bury it alive.

  2. The one car I hope they get their hands on (and is not on the list) in the Aston Martin One-77. Only 77 were made and it cost 4 times as much as any other Aston Martin.

    As for Nine, like the Bond special I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up in FTA just a week or so after BBCK.

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